30 June 2014

Same little kid

Same little kid

I am still the same little kid
who use to cry for wrong time
I am the same little kid who wishes
to hear some sweet words to smile.

I smiled when you called
I smiled when you smiled
I am the same little kid who
wishes to be a grown up every night!

I do shout with anger,
I punish myself at times,
I am that same little kid
whom you will find me in the corner of room ,Crying!

That soothing touch, That gentle care
Mother you mock me with your love Every Time
I am the same little kid, Whom you shaped for so long
to turn into a soul worthy to smile.

I respect for all what you have shredded on me
I care and I love to see smile every time
I am the same little kid, who is grown up this time

Who have learned the value of your smile,
and wishes to see you smile,
Because that’s what makes me to smile.

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© 2014, copyright Sankalp Singh


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