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My dilemma , My decision to be with you

When they say they understand but they don't.

You Tried talking to parents about , how you want to marry a girl of your choice,  They asked you "Why you liked someone off Caste/religion.

From all the outburst of emotions and fights for doing the thing which you want to, random experiences always counts to the state which is tough to resist and work for.

Its time when your girlfriend starts asking you "Will you marry me?" and out of all the anxiousness in your heart you still use to keep mumb because you never had an answer for it. 
Did you?

I was really sure about tasting that pie of relationship but was never sure about whether I will be always able to follow this stream in the same way or not. 
I doubted, on what I started

And let me be true, Its needed, 
Its needed because it always gives me strength about what I have to work for, and how i have to work.

A feeling about the things can end the next day always keeps me motivated about how much I have to work for today.


5 steps 2 reach you

People say there is lot of things which comes as an option/ upholding when you fall in love with someone,
Life defines it as an upcoming or shortcoming but the point of consideration always revolves around whether you can make the things happen or not.

That is and always use to be question to be answered by anyone who is there in relationship.

Its often a matter of fact, or an unanswered question that "What is the right time to ask parents?" "Who should ask first?","What will we do when they will deny?"

Round the clock when love leaves me amidst in her thoughts I always feel the same that from which corners i should start telling things to everyone and what will be the right manner to pull up the task,

When i finally find something as an option, I try it doing with all my heart.

Things ends up in positive or negative way, but it always gives me learning or a feel of satisfaction that I tried for what i felt.

That is and always will be the best of the thing which…

Relationship talks 2

In the continuation of Relationship talks (read if you have missed it and then continue reading further)

Yesterday was the demand for the change which i needed in my normal going life,
I was bored in the normal way of easy going relationship, What I wish and demanded was to let it be a roller coaster  one.

But how about looking it at different perspective?

Its more often the matter of fact that half of the relationship fails with the daily going quarrels and fighting,
Being tagged with the worst of tagline
"You are seeing someone else?"..."You are not interested in me"
When we demanded excitement, our relationship pulled to the side of "possessiveness" killing the very extent of the normal going understanding.

And that something which ends with the part of blaming yourself in the end

Taunt "How is the roller coaster thing going? , you are screwed in your own dilemma"
What you demand was absurd, and what you got was even more then that.

Now that y…

Relationship Talks

Just the way I thought, things demanded a change, A change from the past going state of life.

Relationship, sounds fun when we look from the upper extent but we see an completely different scenario while we start observing the person who are there in it.

For sure LOVE is something which is beautiful when you see from sight but while you are into it, it requires a lot of efforts to meet the standards which you set for yourself in your past.

                             And so is my way of thinking for it.

"One fine morning when I woke up, "She asked me what's there that makes me wish her Good morning is it the duty or the love"

I was helpless to answer her as for once "I felt like i needed to do that and the other time I was like just do it."

Did i really stopped loving her? or Was I bored of my normal growing life?

for all the question where yet to be searched, but few things were really clear from all this and that was, thinks demanded a change.

My …