29 September 2014

5 steps 2 reach you

People say there is lot of things which comes as an option/ upholding when you fall in love with someone,
Life defines it as an upcoming or shortcoming but the point of consideration always revolves around whether you can make the things happen or not.

That is and always use to be question to be answered by anyone who is there in relationship.

Its often a matter of fact, or an unanswered question that "What is the right time to ask parents?" "Who should ask first?","What will we do when they will deny?"

Round the clock when love leaves me amidst in her thoughts I always feel the same that from which corners i should start telling things to everyone and what will be the right manner to pull up the task,

When i finally find something as an option, I try it doing with all my heart.

Things ends up in positive or negative way, but it always gives me learning or a feel of satisfaction that I tried for what i felt.

That is and always will be the best of the thing which my heart can feel being in relationship.

But, the question still remains the same how to react to this and how to make things happen which you like.

1- Close your eyes and think about what you want to do.

I do this all the time and I even follow what i think, but in the end you have to do all what use to be unexpected and that what the deal is.

2-Plan for all what you want and tell your parents what you want to do.

I tried pulling this part even, but even if you make them understand the best of the stuffs about what you feel, half of the time they are busy in thinking about how you had a girlfriend/boyfriend and the other half a time they think about "What Society will think".

Its time when you start cursing what the society is "A shear stupid crowd , who enjoys mocking in others business. And that it.

3- Try being true to what you have felt with the one you love.

Its time when your love gets weaken , your talks with parents brings you to that side when you start feeling like things love and all are all shit, and that can never happen, its when you have to work on what you have felt with the person, or being with the person.

4- Understand that you cant get success in just one try

Things like accepting the person or making someone accept the person you like is not going to be an easy task for all the time , you have to be shameless and act with lot of strength and guts on the same point, to talk and re-talk on the same stuff which you want to happen by always giving some new reason and some new aspect so as to win the race which you once started.

5- Never stop believing in your love

You will surely loose the day when you stop believing in the thing which you do, you love her then put it as the base fact for winning her for all time. 

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