30 September 2014

My dilemma , My decision to be with you

When they say they understand but they don't.

You Tried talking to parents about , how you want to marry a girl of your choice,  They asked you "Why you liked someone off Caste/religion.

From all the outburst of emotions and fights for doing the thing which you want to, random experiences always counts to the state which is tough to resist and work for.

Its time when your girlfriend starts asking you "Will you marry me?" and out of all the anxiousness in your heart you still use to keep mumb because you never had an answer for it. 
Did you?

I was really sure about tasting that pie of relationship but was never sure about whether I will be always able to follow this stream in the same way or not. 
I doubted, on what I started

And let me be true, Its needed, 
Its needed because it always gives me strength about what I have to work for, and how i have to work.

A feeling about the things can end the next day always keeps me motivated about how much I have to work for today.

That's life for me.

One of her friend said, "Live what you have" don't get distracted about the future which you posses.

I found this saying quite happening at time, but at the very moment when I started thinking about something like "Our Life" , "Our wishes", "Our Hope", "Our Desire".

Everything, Every small reason which provided me satisfaction to move on when things failed , gets faded.

I start feeling insecure , and its when I smile at her friends thought about "Living your present" , I doubt that its possible.

My mind starts planning out different ways to tackle and make the future happen, and my hope gets intensified with the kind of feel I posses for her.

That's my understanding about what I had to do?

Question comes why, "its just your few years of time with that girl" , Why you feel she is suitable for you"

Answer never required is it?

I could say she is beautiful , I could say that I feel loved being with her, but.....there are a lot of aspects for which i should be clear enough to think and act.

#Three steps in realizing about "She is the one"

Understanding: While people were fighting for there random chit chats in relationship out of insecurity and possessiveness , we were building up our understanding in a way that things like this could never effect, 
I am not one of the many who will say that it worked, But I always feel proud to say that WE made it worked.
Its fun to speak and imagine but half of the task which I thought was already there in her mind, and the other half use to be with me. I never felt like she is different , "She always was able to catch me up with what I felt" & I hope that is same for me.

Adjustment: No doubt every human has its limit, I have some of my own, things which comes here as a play is how the person needs to adjust with it.
I never felt like I had to complain about "What she has to do?" Call it the first condition #Understanding or call it an Instinct but it was always in the way which you will favor.
If I lacked this part as a flaw, she has more then enough to satisfy for both of us. ;)

Beautiful: I am not the one who will be mean and lier like people who use to say they were searching for a good heart. 
Lets be true "I was searching for the COMBO  "of MIND & heart with LOOKS" and I got one.
Call it a luck or Fortune but yeah, things went the way I LIKED.

"And lets say when things fall at some extent , Refer to the characteristics of whatever you like"

I always try reasoning myself why i liked her, but out of all which i got as a reason i never felt like i had to look about the Society i never did.

The day i would have looked to this thing in a way people ask I never would have felt the thing Which i feel it now 

"The understanding.....the way we look at the things standing together in the same world.
And the amount of time We spend on working on our present not on "How to make things work in between us"

That's life for me, That's Love.

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