25 September 2014

Relationship talks 2

In the continuation of Relationship talks (read if you have missed it and then continue reading further)

Yesterday was the demand for the change which i needed in my normal going life,
I was bored in the normal way of easy going relationship, What I wish and demanded was to let it be a roller coaster  one.

But how about looking it at different perspective?

Its more often the matter of fact that half of the relationship fails with the daily going quarrels and fighting,
Being tagged with the worst of tagline
"You are seeing someone else?"..."You are not interested in me"
When we demanded excitement, our relationship pulled to the side of "possessiveness" killing the very extent of the normal going understanding.

And that something which ends with the part of blaming yourself in the end

Taunt "How is the roller coaster thing going? , you are screwed in your own dilemma"
What you demand was absurd, and what you got was even more then that.

Now that you are not bored, but you are about to loose the part of being with someone.

For sure you wont be bored in relationship if you are not in one.

Was this you plan? NO?

So now what.......

are simple, you were still not grown enough to understand and tackle the situation and out of excitement you pushed yourself in that stream, which was difficult for you to step from.

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