16 September 2014

Relationship Talks

Just the way I thought, things demanded a change, A change from the past going state of life.

Relationship, sounds fun when we look from the upper extent but we see an completely different scenario while we start observing the person who are there in it.

For sure LOVE is something which is beautiful when you see from sight but while you are into it, it requires a lot of efforts to meet the standards which you set for yourself in your past.

                             And so is my way of thinking for it.

"One fine morning when I woke up, "She asked me what's there that makes me wish her Good morning is it the duty or the love"

I was helpless to answer her as for once "I felt like i needed to do that and the other time I was like just do it."

Did i really stopped loving her? or Was I bored of my normal growing life?

for all the question where yet to be searched, but few things were really clear from all this and that was, thinks demanded a change.

My normal going life , needed something like a roller coaster stuff. And that was something which i felt like.........................an urgency of situation.


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