07 October 2014

Evolution of Learning

Learning , A single world which acts as a ground for all what we do.

"What we knew about the things? 
                                How they were?

"No one was intelligent just after he/she took birth from her mothers womb"

Humans have the characteristics to learn and that's the best tool which they can use to grab an idea about all the things which is going on around us.

From the knowledge of alphabets to numbers, "I don't remember much about my childhood, but when I saw mom teaching my younger brother/sister, I found just a single thing in that "That, it is way too difficult to teach them."

I feel blessed, and I now knew "How much effort did she spend on me", to teach me.

But there comes the need of the technology, it was not so good at the time I took birth, but now we have several mediums which can actually ease a lot of tasks for a mother to teach their kids.

These days there are a lot of E-learning and video tutorials based on how to teach a new born child about alphabets, shapes and colors in an easy way of playing games.

We say learn while you play, play while you learn "That's the mantra of the company named Digitales which offers several gaming applications which can teach your child and ease the work, #tough work of teaching for you."

I tried checking some by installing it on my phone and I find it really interesting, More often I feel glad that the technology has evolved and at the same time I am quite envious about why these things were not there at our time.

"As we could have played a lot while learning, Even though I don't remember the kind of efforts mom spent on me while teaching, but I do remember the time I got hit by different things while not studying" :P

"This post is written for the site "Digitales" Click on the link to know more about it."

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