08 October 2014

She looked back at me with an innocent SMILE

She looked back at me with an Innocent SMILE

(While some share the relationship for a commitment there are many who just share for pleasure, this #blogpost is a satire to all the relationship which ends before marriage and after sex.)

Our Journey Started with a beautiful smile
I fell for her & She for me in very moment of time
We called it Love, We shared our Heart <3
We started spending our time alas!!

I looked and glared and tried to sneak up on her,
She blushed and smile every moments, such!
Our relationship started to blend in cute Love.

Reasons, time, every moments favored us,
We spent time together as if it was meant for us,
Romance was flowing in the very streams of heart.

I felt that love & didn't wanted to loose that part,
I came close to her and kissed her hard.
She blushed, her cheeks were Red and looked so cute,
I felt the moment and tried to hug her through.

I took her in my arms and loved her through,
She was there as my part and I as hers
I came on the top of her and she loved that touch.

Our relationship crossed the barrier of time,
Our body melted in each other in that rhyme.

I smiled and kissed on cheeks at last,
She looked back at me with an innocent smile at par.

My love had crossed the most of the time,
We had crossed that limit in just matter of time

A new morning came, a new smile rendered
She hugged me in crowd, she clutched my hand first,
She was confident and loving as if something has changed.

I looked at her and smiled and continued that way
I started checking a new girl with a a beautiful face & smile
I wanted a new innocent heart to fall again in my love.

This journey which I started had reached its destination.
I now wanted a new girl to kiss and take in arms,
The moment I found her I kicked this one out,
She cried and cried same as the last one I kicked.

All she could do was to look back with tears in her eyes,
She has lost her love, her love of time,
She has lost her virginity and she couldn't blame anyone
for this crime.

Life has reached to the teenage extent and grace of time
She looked back at me, But now with tears in her eyes,

I looked back at her as my 'X' and with a new girl with an innocent smile.

#### This post is a satire for half of the relationship which lack #commitment. ####

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© 2014, copyright Sankalp Singh


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