16 October 2014

The feeling before & after #PLACEMENT

So I have been updating a lot of post related to Love and Relationship, that might not interest all the people there on the blog so lets try writing something about my Placement exercise.

Lets be true on the fact that being an engineering student and then following of lot of streams of interest I have been never so dedicated to score marks to be the topper of the class, But then even I didn't wanted to hamper on the trust of my parents by which they did a future investment on me.
Dreaming about that their Son will be an engineer and will be efficient enough to take care of them once they fall ill with the natural time.

I have been a bright student , I mean i can say that on the basis of my last night studies and then scoring marks better then half of the crowd, 
I don't want to flaunt about this a lot but then I feel proud that I was able to work on this as I wished. 
The only thing which kept me driving in the forward direction was the hope and faith with which people of family invested money on me, I had that idea back in my mind that I needed to show the result. 
If not in the first year of courier then later on, everything demands a result.

I can't say I was focused in the singular direction but things were different once exam approached. 
I used to completely transformed into a new human being.
Room Arrest, Books, Copy then again books, trying hard to understand with the formula, A coffee mug in hand and then a lot of tension to score at least 70% of marks to be eligible for the placement.

And here comes the final year, the time which demanded the results, 
I needed to finally understand about what I have to do and how I have to do.

I can easily say that the person I was there in couple of last year was not the one who registered for the final year.
Start was just like a normal one, First week of August; start of new session for college, pre placement program trying to harness the skill which you have so as to crack the company which is coming for Campus recruitment.

But then I have never felt that tension way back in my mind, I continuously kept on asking myself "Whats going to happen?"
And then I start imagining about the kind of confidence I had during third year. I was way more confident back then as compared to now.
I can say my tension about the future and about showing the results to my parents was the driving force for me, 
     Still the question remained same "Whats going to happen?" "Was I prepared?"
I started doubting about my capability, At times my confidence was shaking in between negligible to one percent. 

I tried working on it I invested a lot of time in studying or I could say for the first time in the engineering part I completely dedicated myself in studies,
I had formulas sticked over the walls, I was sleeping in between the books as if I am gonna read them in the middle of my sleeps. I
The kind of person I had become makes me smile at this point of time after placement.

And then comes the final day of performance, I can say it was the continuous effort and dedication which helped me out to clear the first part of the placement #Written exam and then second was no less then a battle in between my confidence and Fear, 
It was for the first time in my engineering life I was suited booted with the sleeves down, the upper button of the shirt closed in tie for the complete 12 hours.

I don't understand why they use to call everyone during the time of campus placement just because they have to ask the crowd to sit idle in a room.
The tension on everyone's face is the first thing which haunts you and then comes the inner voice of yours, "What will happen?" Hahaha, 
I really don't remember how many times i did asked myself about this small question and I really don't have a count about how many time I went to Pee out of tension.

The only thing I remember now in excitement or the feeling which my heart is how i performed after entering into the room for interview.

It was the best moment to feel when I spoke with all what I had carrying the burden of the trust and faith of parents (#family) with me. Thinking about this is it and i need to go through it.
And then comes the list of the finalist who were placed in the company.

The feeling of excitement and joy was not because I was placed in a company and I am going to earn it was just because I could finally call my parents and speak "That their investment was not a waste".

And here I am today, Smiling and enjoying the rest of part left out in my engineering courier with sense of soothing feeling in my heart.

Believe in yourself. Success will find your way.

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  1. I am unable to understand where are all of my comments?

  2. Congratulations dear....
    Finally u did it....:-P

    1. Haha thanks a lot, you say how about you,

      "I was quite lucky that I got placed sooner, As these days tension is on hike in college".


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