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No one could see

No one could see the tears of my eyes, my empty arms with running thoughts to blow my smile...the innocent gleam which are now..just memories of smile i am lost to the case...which was the best of ma lifE!!....
No one can feel the reason of my smile it's good to hold a sweet hide from this HIVE....From broken pieces of melted to rejoin for beautiful feel of love..and now when its loosing its smile the feel of being the feel of my core....fading my smile...!!!
No one could see the wishes of mine.. my wishes will seep in the vein of time That epoch of failure was off for a while and this HEart was happy to see back its beautiful time..who knows this life is CHANGE OF TIME....!!
*Rolling tears bleeding heart be the shadow of mine....
No one could see the tears of my eyes... this empty feel is now...shattering ME to an unresistable...Life.. cursing the cases..of phases of time... this life was sweet in sense to speak with WICKED SMILE!!
No one can pull me from the dead feel of mi…

Loyalty Test

Loyalty Test

I don't carry much of a desire of hurting her by double dating or spending my time full filling the desires of lust.

It was never my way of thinking until the day things swapped a bit to the side. Which was a bit typical and difficult for me to handle.

I am not obnoxious and neither do I feel much of being involve in a crime when I am caught talking with any random girl who liked the thing which I do or did.

I know my likes and interest create a swarm for people to like whatever they want but then, its not easy for me to avoid the situation when the random girl who was talking to me turns out to be my girlfriend.

Am I surprised that its she who is checking on me in that way?
Am I surprised about why she did like this?

Whatever the reason was or is I just know that she wanted this to happen.
She wanted to check what I had been doing these days when I am not in contact with her.

When I sit back and think that why this happened with me , I am just able to think about some reasons…