11 December 2014

No one could see

No one could see the tears of my eyes,
my empty arms with running thoughts
to blow my smile...the innocent gleam
which are now..just memories of smile
i am lost to the case...which was the
best of ma lifE!!....

No one can feel the reason of my smile
it's good to hold a sweet lobe...to hide
from this HIVE....From broken pieces of
heart..it melted to rejoin for beautiful feel
of love..and now when its loosing its smile
the feel of being crushed..is the feel of
my core....fading my smile...!!!

No one could see the wishes of mine..
my wishes will seep in the vein of time
That epoch of failure was off for a while
and this HEart was happy to see back
its beautiful time..who knows this life is

*Rolling tears bleeding heart
be the shadow of mine....

No one could see the tears of my eyes...
this empty feel is now...shattering ME
to an unresistable...Life..
cursing the cases..of phases of time...
this life was sweet in sense to speak with

No one can pull me from the dead feel of mine
the sweetest of me..will be lost with time
This cases of life...was beautiful
Phases of LIFE....

No one can see now the SHADOWS of me
and My life.....as somewhere I would be
struggling to start a NEW LIFE....

for a new phase,....to DIE...like I DIED.... :"""(((

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© 2014, copyright Sankalp Singh


Thanks for finding time to write down what you felt.