01 January 2015

Do people really die?

What will you say if I ask you about that "Do people really die?"

Hah, Absurd question right.
Last night I woke up just after a half an hour sleep and started imagining about my Grandmother who died last year naturally. I mean it was not at all a story to think of and neither I was having someone there to trigger me up with the thoughts like this, But I really imagined this through.

I just felt like to imagine some of the memories which I shared with her, It was not like she vanished in thin air, As if I felt like she was sitting right beside me asking me to recall about the time which I shared with her. I never cried over the loss of her life. I never cried when anyone from my family member died, Its not like I don't love them, I do, Its just I feel sometimes too practical to shed tears.

But that night was different, Yesterday was different, In no time, her thoughts and the moments which I shared with her, filled my mind completely. Those many time when she saved me from getting a beating from mom over the silly mistakes which I made.
Those times when she helped me to have my dinner when i was fast asleep...there were many more thoughts like this. They were not just memories not until she left....But then I felt like I need to think about them at time, I need to think about those memories and the time which I shared with her, Because that's it, that's where she is living with me. In my heart, In my thoughts, through the time I am alive.................She is going to be alive.

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  1. while reading the post i was imagining my grndmother....she is alwys in my thoughts in my heart i just miss her so much....:)

    1. Yeah, I was also like, that I am doing at 5:00 am in the morning when i had to sleep i was thinking about her. It was heavenly somewhat.

  2. Absurd question...well not really ..your post brought some of the old memories i've shared with people who ofcourse are no more .....i think the memories , the love we share keep them alive in our life ..earthly souls maybe mortal ...but that love never fades ...

    1. Well, I really like the point which you quoted about being #Mortal.
      "The best way of making a thing immortal is either publish it or keep on transefering your thoughts by inheritance" , Don't you think so?


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