Just a 5 minute Game and things Changed

It was a tough day for me, We ju-
st came from our trip so I had lot of works to catch up to at present. I was busy in catching up with my work when one of colleagues of mine told me, the city is going red, "What seriously?". We are closing run, run and reach home. I was able to see that tension on his face when I turned and look down to other people, they were all hasty afraid of the situation.
I rushed to the lobby to see the television to fill me up with what was happening, "Every news channel was flashing the approval of #PresidentRule. I was having the same look on my face as other and rushed to pack my stuff and reach home. I tried calling my wife, It went unanswered. I did with my mom and that also went same. I was tensed, moreover in fear, I cursed myself that why I missed to give one phone to my daughter. She was 7 year old, may be she could just tell me about the state there at home.
This situation shook me up,Everyone was trying to call their family members to know whether they are safe or not, I guess we had to stay here only in our office until the situation went cold. That's what the news said. I was unable to grasp this up, that terror , that fear was too much for my family members to hold. I wanted to be there with her and hug her because I knew she would be afraid of this, she was like forever. My wife, and my little angel had no idea about the adversity and meanness of this world It was my responsibility to save her.
At times I always recall what my mom spoke, "Do what you feel like doing". I knew she would be waiting for, I knew because she never taught his son to be afraid and hide from situation.

My office was 4 lanes apart from my home, approximately around 2km, I went to parking lot and started my bike and rushed towards my home. I never wanted to see these cheerful streets so quite.
the city was mourning and its people where hiding inside their Home to save their life and rebuild this us.
The sooner I reached towards my home, I was able to see pieces of body parts fallen here and there. The market close my house was the first spot where the Bomb went off. I chocked twice while driving, It was really tough to see people lying lifeless. There were just countable bodies who has their parts intact. Most of them lacked a hand, a leg, a torso, a head.
City was painted in Red, I didn't know that the terrorism has seeped with so much of hatred that brutal murder would be the next step for it. I was loosing hope, I was close to being shattered.
I walked down the alley and reached my home. The door was open....broken,
I never wanted to see this, not like this, my mom's white suite was stained all in blood, she was left numb, dead in the dining area of my house.
I took a hold on her body, and cried loud. "Is this it?, the protection which the country offers to us" I cried louder. I started calling her name loud,Honey, where are you, I cried, my voice was little shaky,I was afraid to see this, to see that which my mind had imagined.
 She was lying lifeless in the bedroom trying to hide the one whom whom we both cherished....I was unable to grab more to this. This massacre. I was irritated I was broken, In just five or ten minutes I lost my whole life. I lost my love,I lost the care of my mother.I was shattered broken and stained in the bloods of my family.....

I heard someone in my cries, She was breathing heavily hiding inside the closet which my wife was protecting.
"She always use to say :Honey you know our daughter gets an asthma attacks sometimes, you need to learn how to help her when she is not well.
I always find my way out saying "Where are you going , are you going to leave me or what"."
Was it an irony to that situation that she finally left me,
I helped her come outside the closet, She hugged me hard, I closed her eyes so that she don't see her dead mom lying next to her, who really succeeded in doing what she wanted.

I hugged her, and found the inhaler and helped her out to gain herself back, I was glad that she knew where it was kept. I believe I was bad father, Hopeless husband and Stupid child.

Daddy I know its just you and me now.
I cried and hugged her once again.........................................................................

Don't let the terrorism win over you, try and fight back in the way you can, so that you don't get stained in bloods of someone whom you care. Fight back crime.

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© 2015, copyright Sankalp Singh

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  1. Terrified it the feel when you can co relate the mishappening to your own life which you see happening with others . May God save me and my family as these days you never know what planning is going on in the terrorist's mind

    1. Hi, that's what i tried to do, To bring a scenario like this in front of my blogger friend to read.

  2. I was really able to feel everything as you have described , as if I was the lead charachter.

    Terrorism has shooked the base of India, that people feel afraid in their own Home.they dont feel safe.

    I wish ye terrorist bhi padh pate.

    1. What will be so good as the person reading could linknhimself with the lead charachter. I am glad really.

      Terrorism has really shaken this country.

  3. this post will make ppl more awakn about terrorism spreading in this country...lovd readng it...really great post..:)

    1. Well pleasure is all mine. Terrorism has seeped really inside.

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  8. Awesome! A glimpse of what thousands of people go through when these attacks happen.

    1. Thanks for the comment sir, Surely looking for some more from a nice writer like you.