01 January 2015

New year confession: Part 1

New year confession: Part 1

Last time I checked myself I was talking with someone about "We need to change" Change is actually needed to bring growth in our self , our thoughts and ultimately the progress of our country."

Those were my thoughts for a while, until that happened ?
I was hoping that I could do something good with myself.
This confession is just about the thought which went through out my mind last night and when I was returning back from the new year celebration.

It was really tough to find the auto way back to our home from Hauz Khas to Mehrauli, gosh these days you can't actually find an auto wala taking you to short route they are busy in finding their profit, so what they want is the long route customer, I find the movie #Ungli as the perfect one as an irony for this case. LONG ROUTE.
We end up waiting for the Bus on the stand "DTC Delhi bus service", It was five to ten minutes waiting period when we actually boarded our bus.
There was after sometime when I heard someone shouting while boarding the bus, "Please help the handicap" "Viklang ko chadha do koi", I found the lady saying in a creaky voice, when I just checked up the window, I saw one lady sitting on the #Wheel Chair asking for the help. And the bus just pulled it off without even thinking about helping the lady.
Is  that actually the way how the bus service of Delhi which is for the people as a social service deals with helping the one who really need it? these are the question which we need to ask.
I was sorry that I was unable to react soon and help that lady in the process on my whole way back to my home I was just thinking about if I would have reacted quick to this situation.

I seriously find that man raising voice against the conductor regarding helping way better then me. He was ready to help its just that he was also suffering from the same illness , #Handicap though.
Conductor was in his own cool, being least bothered about the situation. Irony, though "You can't really understand the thing unless its on you, or you are in the same shoes".

I was feeling sorry about it but that's not it, It would have been far more better if I would have reacted.

Same is for you, Lets not spoil this year in shame that we missed to react at situation like this and stand for the welfare of others. We should not turn our eyes from the one in need and behave like nothing happened (like all the passengers in the bus). A combined voice is something which has more effect on any of the situation).

Stay well , Stay blessed and always keep helping people.

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