08 January 2015

Respect is always earned.

((Just a wakthrough about the happening of College #Final year #engineering student, Awareness post. There are some rude words used in the post just to tell the intensity of the statement.))

I was sitting in my hostel room when I heard the bunch of voice of Guys talking in my next room. It was a murmur and shouts of different different sentences about random girls.
They use to pick one name and start speaking about the girl
She has flat chest | Oh she looks so bad | I can't even think of kissing her | Fuck, Who can actually date her | I will die single but I won't date a girl like that |

Their tones were judging specific girls of our college, someone's friend someone's daughter and sister. Indeed it use to sound like an old movie dialogue "tere ghar mein maa behen nahi hai kya" But seriously dude. I am 21st century male and I really feel like speaking on this thing like. I do respect them and It always puts me in disgrace to say other male counterparts not even efficient to think alike.

We speak that India is not growing, and we often blame the politicians and other random people for this. Indeed we never keep a check on ourself. Where do we stand.
I believe in the same gutter of thoughts. Hearing this , Hearing this approach makes me really think about dude "Engineering right, your parents are spending money *9 lakhs close to just on your fees to Build you.

Are you justifying that thing? Do you really can say that you are grown up?

Man I really feel like, its all goofed up state. You really don't know what does it mean about growing up. People think like getting the ability to have sex is the prime thing of letting yourself know that you are grown up.
More or less you no way lie behind those criminals who rape, As half of them are uneducated who try that.
Do you know what I feel like calling people like them?
Educated BEEPS.
Doing all wastage of the money which was spent on them.
I would rather say about those who are still thriving for job, Dude, You are trying to step into the corporate world its not like you are going to stay alone there.

Man and Women are equal. People speak about this thing very often

There are yet a large number of crowd which has to learn about this, think about this, And try to understand there value about life and nature.

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  1. On one side, we see this jerks but on the other side their are good people like you too.Don't get so frustrated, live everything to KARMA, one day they willssurely get back what they gave today.

    Btw, gimme a high five boss even I'm in the final year of my engineering.Do visit my blog may b u like it (engineers usually think alike na..;-))

    1. Yesterday I really felt frustrated and wanted to talk with like minded people. I am glad to get he feedback of yours as well as some who read this post.
      It dont make me feel like standing alone on the edge of this thought.

      High five. The next thing which i am going to do after publishing this comment is read your blog. "Really engineers think alike."

  2. I'm glad to know that you have a strong opinion against them. This makes me frustrated too. people judging someone without knowing them. Plus every human deserves to be treated with respect.

    1. Well, I think like, if you dont want to respect someone say it on their face , no point of Bitching all the shit behind them.

  3. Its pointless u make anyone understand that in this century boys and girls are the same because the people who still have this concept will never change and they will continue judging people by looks and figure. Dont b upset dear...Thank u for sharing such a beautiful message. Keep posting with lots more.

    1. Thanks a lot for this, Well its not like we can change them, as you said we can't and i also believe on this thing. the only point is that it really feels bad. They there are such kind of crowd even. And they are proud to call them #Educated.


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