02 January 2015

Try Donating Try connecting

This post is an awareness post so please do read and share it.

Do you know, How many people died last year because of COLD weather, If not try googling it out as you have googled Sunny Leone and made it a hit in #India.
Well I will not chatter much about random stuff here, but its just about awareness which you need  to create.
If you think like you know more then other try sharing it...
There were more then 100 Deaths due to suffocation while burning the coal and sleeping in the closed room in 2013 in India. The reason is not that they are foolish they don't know about it...? Its about knowledge no one ever told them what could happen, They don't know the idea of ventilation, That's how illiteracy hurt people, Stabs on the back without knowing. And We just see the news on our television and smile and shake it off as "What a bullshit thought it was?"....DUDE you have studied it in science, may be they have not.
Try Sharing the information and these small details with people if you have time.

If you have your spare clothes and you don't feel like wearing it more, Try managing some time from your busy schedule and Donating the clothes to the person who really need that, You will smile after reading this, but there are really more then 1000 people who really need that thing. All you need to do is just open your eyes and see the surrounding.

Try connecting with people and helping them and by connecting I don't mean just sending text to the person there by your cellphone and ignoring all whats happening around.

STAND for the one who is in NEED and PEOPLE will STAND for YOU.

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