16 January 2015


(Its a series post based on the experiences of people, about the way they hiked their failure in the shape of something from which they started FEARING)


You are not the only one to have woken up at midnight thrilled with fear of undefined horror caused by the evil that has recently materialized.”
I heard someone saying that there are a lot of wrong things happening in their lives.
-they were broken about the way life treated them.
-they were broken about the past, the present and the future.
-they were un-satisfied with the way they were treated by LIFE.
It’s all about the matter of fact that it’s just the failure from which we suffer, the things which we miss to achieve take the shape of the demon of our life.
I found many ways to materialize my fear when I was kid. I made a bunny with horns , I made the ghostly picture of the teddy bear or the cartoon I watched. Those were my way of deceiving the things from which I feared
I am sure you would have tried some of your ways even.
That’s how life is. Whenever we fall whenever we loose/ just don’t reach our destination we try to forsee it , forsee the situation it’s not always that we find the right solution or conclusion.
Sometimes we are wrong and the time we are wrong we start imagining things in our own way.
We reason it.
We define the loss.
We loose faith.
We loose hope & desire.
We shatter.
And that’s the last point when we finally give up.
Just because we created our own Demon
FEAR which was more then enough for us to overcome.

Its about the time when I was a kid, I feared going in the Dark, It was from childhood only, when mom use to enchant some normal stuff to make me drenched with fear and sleep when I teased her more during the nights.
I smile on that innocence when the water drop from the leakage tapped also made me conscious that some Ghost is coming towards me.

Darkness was something which filled sorrow in me, I was frightened. That what used to be, because I kept on thinking about it as Mom told me about. It was all illusion and story but it caught my nerve.

And those simple sound of wind and tree leaves made me feel like its some GHOST approaching me. That was my DEMON during childhood.

That was the way I started Describing my FEAR. Materializing it.

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