A little from You, A little from me

A little from You, A little from me

I close my eyes, I wake up in my dream,
Those meadows of love and one innocent GLEAM
Pondering my heart with few emotions of mine.
I look up in search if you are around.

I wink and smile, and blush for a time,
I imagine for you and prepare my rhyme,
You have started dwelling my heart all time,
Baby just come and sit by my side.

I breathe, and skip few beats of mine,
Preparing the chorus of the love of my time.
With hands full of roses and heart full of love.

I crouch in front of you with all of my warmth.
Looking in your eyes, and finding up my words
I blush, and blush, skipping all that I learnt.

I curse myself that I practised all this out.
But just a single look at you and BABY I am all out.

It's you who makes me feel all the love,
It's you who helps me understand what's love
An expectation, A hope a desire an affection.

A little of my heart and A little from yours,
I will make up our Home, In this beautiful WORLD
A drop of the love of mine, quenching the thirst.
A drop of the love of yours, Giving me the reason for HOPE.

I'll sit by your side holding your hands in mine.
With a promise of being there, for no reasons of mine.

A little of love from me, A little of Love from you.
We will see that day of hope, with 2 Rings and a whole lot crew.

Clapping & enjoying the hopes of time,
Wishing and rejoicing for the LOVE which never pined.

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© 2015, copyright Sankalp Singh

Chasing Thoughts


  1. Lovely words like rose dipped in chocolate syrup
    Beautifully written!!
    Opening ending.....motive behind!!

    1. There is always some idea behind every poem. And you know what's the idea behind this one.

  2. beautiful poem...so much love...felt each n every line..:)

    1. That is really great to know. I hope I will keep you sync for the later update even in this. 7festivalofLove

  3. Replies
    1. Really good to see here with a comment. I am sure you will get tons of good stuff to read this. February

  4. It wasn't li'l, it was a lot. :) Lovely!