19 March 2015

5 reasons why we prefer cafe coffee day!

5 reasons why we prefer cafe coffee day

Grab the idea from the tagline of CCD, a lot can happen over coffee. Which gives a clear idea about what they are trying to implicate.

Looking at this and lot of the other stories from friends, Ravi finally decides to propose the girl whom he liked over a coffee.
He planned day and night for the main event, I will say it more like "He planned day and night in beautifying his own coffin in which he was so desperate to put out his friendship.

Well I certainly am not criticizing all the couple who freshly started being in relationship right after sharing the cup of love at CCD.

But its like "Choose the girl on which you wanna spend", atleast paise to barbaad na ho.

He(Ravi) got a tight slap on the cheek on the day of judgment. Well I was sharing coffee with my girl on one of rear end of the CCD. They were the center of attraction at that time.

I should say "Bandi ko thodi to izzat rakhni thi", dil tod dia bachche ka.

Well but yeah lets share the 5 reasons about why we usually prefer cafe coffee day (CCD)

1- Well they never ask you to leave the lounge.

("I mean once you spend the money for the coffee that little place, those two couches on which you are sitting are yours, No one will bother you from whatever you are doing", so you can talk all the shit about world and nobody cares.

"This is my personal favourite".

2- We(guys) usually wanna be on the safer side when they are proposing girls, "At least she will not hit back when you propose her in CCD".

UNLIKE the case of RAVI which was actually once in a blue moon stuff. Girls more or less try to be more sophisticated in the places like this. As if the whole crowd is seeing her only. "PS even that girl also who are not like damn beautiful".
And yeah the best part use to be when she says "Tumhe pata hai wo ladka mujhe ghoor raha tha". From all the way and shear anger when you try to look at the guy and if he turns out to be "A tom cruise material" , you are like "Pagal hai kya, wo tujhe kyu ghurega" :P

3-The other part which I like is that you have to place the order on yours own,
There are no one who is going to bother about what you wanna take as the order, you can place the order whenever you feel like doing so.

4- The ambiance and atmosphere of this place use to be so good.

That you can spend time doing the project or reading the new book which you just bought. Its not about just having the company along with you, as the books are the best friend in most of the time.

("PS ye unke liye jinhe groups pasand nahi hai, aur wo bus akele time spend karna chahte hai")

5- On comparison you will find CCD outlets more than as compared to "Starbucks".

Contrary side, drinks are even cheaper as compared to #Starbucks.
(Paise ki bohot tangi and to ye point to daalna zaruri hai) :P  

Default: Coffee at CCD/Starbucks always keeps your girlfriend happy, they are like a moment of happiness.

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  1. Aha...A lot happened over coffee..:p
    Chic blog..sexy write up..

    1. Well, yeah that reminds me of people who plan for going there like, its a JANG :P


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