11 March 2015

A life of our own choices

A life of our own choices.

Lately it has been highlighted every where in media and society that one must carry his will in the direction in which he/she can perform.

We are defined by the choices which we make in our Life but what about the person who really can't?

But What about those who are still standing at the verge of doing things but still questioning themselves that whether they are doing right or not?.

Doubt is one thing which helps you perform, But there is always a quarrel in between your doubt & belief and things are right only when the later part wins.
"Doubt eats you till bottom and leaves you in a room dark enough to get out."

The story revolves around the choices of an Individual.
                                                          "I was asking him to finally get started moving with his life, He has to perform now, but still at this end even he was careless and insensitive about what he has to do? or what he will do?"

There are so many HE in the society who really don't know which direction they should take, I remember the same state of mine when I was living a teenage life not a life in which I have to finally return to all the investment made by the family.

Bitter truth is that they always needs a mirror, A mirror on which they will spit and break and fight back, because the mirror is telling the truth. It is telling that where they stand.

"Please kick out the They charachteristics from you its better to prepare first rather then being late"

Because we all know that people are there with thousand suggestion, They want you to do the things which they feel like its correct for you. But the whole scene will be better in the way when you can realize for yourself what's better and what is Best for you.


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