13 March 2015

Can we really trust Technology

Can we really trust Technology

This post would be criticized by lot people around but its not about the outrage of anything neither its like I am trying to hit on them in any respect.

But out of numerous situation and observation I have found out that majority of Girls are really typical in understanding the tech things and they are really so firm about their constant love for the things they were used to that they can't even adapt the change of something better.

Well examples, Last time I had a serious conversation on voice calling free software like #viber, #whatsapp #line #wechat that which one performs better. The thing was I didn't came up to the conclusion for this.

And the next moment you will hear them say "This thing is a piece of Shit!" I mean what?

May be the irony still stands fresh "That the discussion can never end, Or may be its like destined to be that, a conversation of things with a girl can never end"

You only have to decide which part is true, "You can't deny that you never ran into this situation".

let me quote this again, I am not trying to imply this to the one who are studying engineering , and even if i do then i will tag those who use to give their "Doc contents in Notepad format!"

Piece of shit LOL :) Arre bhai kya zyata hai khud ka software hai,

It was about the last term when I was supposed to get an excel sheet from a girl of engineering and I was like what the F**k when she sent me the same content arranged with the paragraphs in #Notepad.
Serious Issue.

Its not the question of adapting, I believe its the question of "Are you really okay?" Or at times you feel like "Bohot din se na yaar, pair pe kuladhi nahi chalayi, Aaj to chalana banta hai!,

That's not a matter of fact that guys are lagging behind

You must have seen some serious geeky dudes, sitting in the class room, way back in school trying to identify whats the difference between CPU & UPS. Conclusion, "There were still finding out the difference only".
Didn't happened with you, Okay
How about that situation  When you are talking something related to technology and one of the Serious dude "Exclaimed up saying , Yes yes this happened with me".

"Its like bhai itne baat mein bus tujhe yahi samajh aya, Dhanya ho" :P

5 years before I believe most of the person where not having their email ID, and when they started having that, their ID use to be something like this "coolDudePrashant@gmail.com" "Star_sandeep@gmail.com"

The best of trend started in the email section was when GUYs finally came in contact with the movie #American PIE

And then they started having their email ID "stiffler@gmail.com"
As if, email Id rakhne se charachteristics ajaengi. I say it #Chutiyapa what do you say it as? :P

Shear example of self obsessed people, "BC itna bhi kya cool aur star banna :P"

Well purpose of writing this is just this "Try to identify the area in which you lag and keep on learning, Just don't be the person ,so that people can make fool of you, as I have been doing from the examples of the one whom I caught doing this.

Changes are necessary for one's Growth , Keep learning new things.

Zyada Gyan Baaji Hogayi :P

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  1. Aisa hai zyada gyaan na bato...actually bht ho gya....it doesn't suits you stiffler143@gmail.com :P

    1. Hahaha, After all my idea originated right from your action hehe #WhatsAppCalling, is bad hehe :P

      Holy God , hehe


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