16 March 2015

How to Activate Whats app Calling?

This is just a informative post for all the people who are still finding about that how to activate their whats app calling feature.

Don't Trust on modified app or the link which people are sending you for what's app calling

To enable this service you just need 2 easy steps to follow

1- Go to Google Play and update your whats app application.

2- Once you have updated your whats app application ask the person who has already this service enabled in his phone to call you. Once you receive the call the "Whats app calling" service will be enable in your phone. And you will get a new tab for "Calls" in whats app.

If for some people the above process is not working then please try updating their app from here.

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  1. i follwd d steps..stil m nt gettng the icon

    1. Hi, Thanks for commenting, If you are unable to activate it try updating your application from the main whatsapp site.

      here is the link for that


  2. i follwd d steps..stil m nt gettng the icon


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