09 March 2015

Human Instinct

Is it a human instinct or the nature of mere human that they strive to find the best for them from the people of their use.
That's something which hover up in my mind all the time when I feel like"Yes!, I am here for some reason."

I am not writing this out of shear innocence neither I am interested to act like a dick at times, but Life provides all set of examples in its own way about how to deal things.

I remember when I was young and I needed a penny for toffee, I walked all the way around doing everything what my Dad asked just to win that single penny. I was driven by thoughts of getting what I need more then the thought of emotions driving me.

It pinches my mind day and night when I start thinking about what made people to do something, What was his/her thought processing, What was the reason behind their action.
The mere thought is the first step to realize that you are moving forward in the right direction.

Human's where gifted with the ability to think just to make their own choices. 

Choices which are more likely your first preference defines your actions, your selfishness or your selfless heart.

"She was thinking that she could turn things right by just being angry, She was so determined to show her anger that one fine night she locked the door and left me outside, She wanted to make me realize that I have been doing wrong.
I was just there with two options to wait or to leave, Leaving was something which I never wanted to do so I waited for a moment, It was morning when I was able to finally settle things up with.
And the moment I was able to do that, She was feeling guilty about what she had done.

At times we feel that we are doing right, but later the same thing piles up as a guilt for us.

That was her instinct her action to win the thing which she wanted.

Human's are such species which can never avoid or overcome their sense of selfishness, whether they say it or not.

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© 2015, copyright Sankalp Singh


  1. The two cases mentioned by you are totally different but our mind plays a key role while taking decision. At times you make mistakes after going along with your instincts but then repetition of same will depict your carelessness.
    I would say that our mind's strategies depends on the way grasp and learn so you should be active with your senses open to learn more and more.

    1. Well, I don't think mistakes are the part on which i was talking about, Certainly its more about the kind of thought one shares. Its more about the choices, don't you think?


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