03 March 2015

Promises that I'll always keep

Promises that I'll always keep

I never dreamed about living a life alone but Never cared much about what's happening around,
Desperate in my own way about how things will turn out to be. Questioning to myself about what I have to do , When I will be finding about the thing which will define me.

I always wanted a way out, a way out of the things which will define me, my work my passion the love which I possess.

Its a life of choices, things which brings you back to the side from where you started, its the thing which defines who you really are, 
She was always worried about me, that what if I am unable to perform, what if I loose everything in the thirst of winning that something, She prayed night and day for my welfare, so that I could achieve something, something for which she could say proudly that yes. "He is my son."

Was I doing great, Am I performing the best of what I can?
I always wondered when I sat alone in my thoughts.

Desperate in my own way, willing to take risk and turn time to the side so that I could do what I was entitled to.
It was then when I met her, I was sensitive to love, to the affection and the person I wanted to be. She cared equally and in the same way I did for her.
People called it a mistake, I never questioned their intention it was indeed their perception for this but the only thing what I wanted and wished for was to be true to her.

"Promises that I'll always keep" #Relationship #love http://goo.gl/iQAfbF #Blogging by @imSankz

........................But it was just until that day when we finally set our foot apart in two directions of our own choice.
I felt for her strongly but I guess I was not mature enough to understand , what it takes to be with someone?

What love is? for a eighteen year guy is completely different to what it is for twenty five.

It has its own meaning and time creates its own likewise.
She(Mom) was happy that I took this step, Society is driven on the perception which we hold from our surrounding, not on love or neither on the logic which one possess. Its crude and rude.

Every spell which I lost created a sense of exposure in me about what I have to do.

It was then when I realized that sometimes you really don't know whats right for that time. Because may be the time was not right for you.
But things always change, You learn every time when you follow the nature routine. The new morning always has something new for you. 

My guilt was overcoming my passion, I was loosing my dream, Moreover I was loosing the person i wanted to be.

 I believe this was my time, and this was the realisation about what I had to do? And what I am supposed to?
My relationship started from the day it was left. For the day that it could be in Black & White.

The next time when I had to answer for the society norms, I had just one answer to turn to "I realized that My mom always told me never to hurt someone and moreover, I was seeing that light in me, that light which was guiding me to the promise "To never turn back on your words" 

That light which was defining "About what commitment and promises are."

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