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Dreaming about Tinderella

Pick up line, that’s what I think and frame in my mind all the time, trying to impress a girl for a relationship, one night stand,  half an hour stand or whatever, I am actually fucked up with my monotonous life, don’t actually know which way I am leading.
I see humans really as a part of the society who needs someone to live. We are social animals alas! Back when I was in twelfth, I was promoted from being the voice of the play to playing the role of the hero for five minutes, as Daniel who was playing the lead role caught up in the accident slipping down the stairs.

I will not say that I am a born actor, I really chocked twice to stand in-front of the girl whom I liked. My dialogue delivery was perfect but I was no way suited for being the lead. I knew myself better.

Years later from then, I guess I am not so good with the dialogue stuff of mine, “Pick-up lines”, That’s what I think and frame in my mind all the time”.

I see people dating and I imagine myself in their shoes, trying to f…

Unfulfilled Desire

 Unfulfilled Desire

To love is to adore.
To love is to devote. To love is to give unconditionally.
To love is to love irrevocably.

To love is to possess.
To love is to protect. To love is to respect Anyway you have it, it is a bliss perfect.

To love is to put everything you possess at stake.
To love is to lie in your bed nights awake. To love is to fall in the deepest ocean and yet not drown.
To love is to fly high and know no bounds.

To love is to be a somnambulist walking through a desert. To love is to be a hermit praying in lands high above.
To love is to experience heaven and hell together.
As love is the sole power that conquers all others.

Love is a treasure in grasp yet unreached.
Love is a lesson yet to be preached.
Love is pure and innocent like a new born child.
Love is like the forest; passionate and wild.

Love is as calm as the sea.
Love is as fierce as the fire.
Love is the soothing caress of the summer breeze.
Love is every soul’s unfulfilled desire.

Love is to be happy when in pain.