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The way he was curious

Do you remember your childhood ? Do you?The time when you were so much fascinated about comic book , Batman , Superman , Spiderman, you just try to figure out at times which one is your favorite hero. My favorite of all was Batman, I liked him a lot and I keep on asking Dad to bring me latest edition of his comics.That is the phase of my younger brother Ritwik these days, He is trying to figure out his favorite character of all. I keep on bringing different animation episodes and cartoons and sit back with him to watch some of the episodes, he feels good by that.To bring some excitement in his life I thought about why not just play a mystery game with him, in the same way to uncover the detective skills in him , it was then when I saw this catching activity at blogadda #SniffSniff, the moment I read the details I thanked myself of being a male and also that I blog, it was more then enough to bring smile on my younger brother’s face.I kept this a secret to my brother and participated i…

When she set foot in the Industry

When she set foot in the Industry
Graduating and Post Graduating to build up a career is one of the most important things which hover up in the entire youngster mind when they have finally understood the sense of its importance in their life. Apart from being constantly driven by the taunts and maneuvers of all the members in the family trying their way to impress you with “Sharma gi k ladka/ladki ye karliye” may certainly at some point irritate you to the extent but this is something which only you are going to understand about. It’s going to be a mere sense of pain for you constantly lingering up over your head as you are being backed up by so much of expectation of people that some or other way you feel like you are chained. “Not in your life but certainly in some people’s wishes”. Someway these driving force are necessary for the kind of crowd which falters but not for all. 21’st century, that’s what we say all the time when people try to excel in anything, but let us just keep in m…

Her Addiction For Online Shopping

Shopping = Women , something which defines their activities.
And the only thing which helps "Male" to save themselves from a hot burning discussion to a compromise on an easy conclusion.
I see that all the time, "Dad spares so much money just to end a fight, which started from God knows which reason" but ended on shopping.

Definition: Oniomania is the psychiatric term for compulsive shopping, or shopping addiction. People with oniomania shop on impulse as a way of coping and find it difficult to control their spending or shopping behaviors. This post is specially dedicated to my Sister who really forgets that she was making something in kitchen while shopping on an E-Commerce website on her TAB.

Last time when I was playing #Carrom on one of the weekend she was all set waiting for her turn and co-ordinating with shopping the new top on #Myntra sale.

So lets share 6 signs that you are hopelessly addicted to online shopping.

1- Your tablet or your smartphones…