05 June 2015

Her Addiction For Online Shopping

Shopping = Women , something which defines their activities.
And the only thing which helps "Male" to save themselves from a hot burning discussion to a compromise on an easy conclusion.
I see that all the time, "Dad spares so much money just to end a fight, which started from God knows which reason" but ended on shopping.


Definition: Oniomania is the psychiatric term for compulsive shopping, or shopping addiction. People with oniomania shop on impulse as a way of coping and find it difficult to control their spending or shopping behaviors.
This post is specially dedicated to my Sister who really forgets that she was making something in kitchen while shopping on an E-Commerce website on her TAB.

Last time when I was playing #Carrom on one of the weekend she was all set waiting for her turn and co-ordinating with shopping the new top on #Myntra sale.

So lets share 6 signs that you are hopelessly addicted to online shopping.

1- Your tablet or your smartphones devices are fully loaded with several E commerce application waiting to be clicked and checked about the new deals or what's on sale

Promotions and new items can really change every hour

2- You always have your shopping bag with one or more similar kind of products in it. And you keep on figuring out for days that which one is the best.

3- You get more promotional emails then your real emails 

4- Your recycling bin is perpetually overflowing with large cardboard boxes.

5- You keep on sending the products back if you don't find it fit to your expectation. Sometimes even more the 3-4 times.

6- You keep on asking people sitting next to you to help you out to buy a thing when you are so confused after comparing the product on all the e commerce website which you know, and get irritated when someone disturb you in the middle of something.

Oh, seriously I can help you to check on one new website. Is it so, please tell me ASAP.

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  1. I am more fond of window shopping online..Haha no matter my pocket is full or empty..
    I like your post..points are true enough..

    1. Window shopping haha :) , I am also fond off but just when I am doing it for myself.

  2. I am looking for a site which is safe for online shopping in Pakistan and which offers cash on delivery facility at your doorsteps?

  3. This is really wonderful blog. Window shopping always enhance the knowledge about the shopping product and price. Great work. keep it up.


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