18 June 2015

The way he was curious


the way she was curious

Do you remember your childhood ? Do you?

The time when you were so much fascinated about comic book , Batman , Superman , Spiderman, you just try to figure out at times which one is your favorite hero. My favorite of all was Batman, I liked him a lot and I keep on asking Dad to bring me latest edition of his comics.

That is the phase of my younger brother Ritwik these days, He is trying to figure out his favorite character of all. I keep on bringing different animation episodes and cartoons and sit back with him to watch some of the episodes, he feels good by that.

To bring some excitement in his life I thought about why not just play a mystery game with him, in the same way to uncover the detective skills in him , it was then when I saw this catching activity at blogadda #SniffSniff, the moment I read the details I thanked myself of being a male and also that I blog, it was more then enough to bring smile on my younger brother’s face.

I kept this a secret to my brother and participated in the #SniffSniff activity & just prayed that I get selected for that event. I was glad that stars was on my side.

Just a day later I got call confirming that my blog is selected, the moment I got the call I went in Ritwik’s room to make a bet

“hey buddy, would you like to place a bet with me ? Usually we place bet for things, I like to win his pocket money as mine run short when I go for outing and I feel like he don’t need so much just being a 5th standard”

I narrated the rules of the #sniffsniff in my own way to him so that he could understand what he had to do………

He was excited about it, as if he had his own mystery to solve and that’s what this activity was for.

The first day when I received the parcel was best of all, he ran taking that face card and the clip to almost each member of family to find out about what’s going to be next, and for that tweeting & updating on facebook part, I helped him out doing it from my account.He was clueless about this clue all he could get was the same which I told him during the starting of the activity. He kept on jotting what’s going to be in the next parcel.


Just a day later we received a new parcel that small cuboid shaped #sniffsniff box was giving some beautiful scent this time. It was coffee beans I was able to find it by its smell, it made me recall my last starbucks date with my girlfriend. I passed the box to Ritwik and asked him to open it, he was so excited that in haste when he opened that small bag, he spilled the coffee beans all through tP_20150618_123723he ground, his excitement was more into receiving a parcel rather then on uncovering the mystery. I was doing that part in this game.

“Bhaiya can we make some coffee by this” was the thing which he asked after spilling that coffee beans, I smiled at his innocence.

When I asked him what’s going to be next in the cycle he was just trying to recall all what he had scene to avoid that odour issue, he quoted some like, odonil which he usually saw in the bathroom, ambi pure from car, and different brands of deodorant which he used.

But moreover he was excited to get all those parcels on his name at home, I was loving that part, its just rarely I try using some different means to cheer him up, most of the time we are just busy in wrestling at home in name of fun, pissing on the tagline of wrestling “don’t try this at home”.

The third parcel was unlike what we thought, we were expecting something which is going to be used to avoid odour problems, but this time we got a taunt on the point of odour issues. A mask Smile with tongue out , you can just save yourself from pollution and disease but not from someone’s odour that’s what tagline says.

Humour part I just thought this event would have bin in air during that swine flu period in Delhi, I would have got one extra mask at that time.

Ritwik was just damn clueless and he started loosing interest in it but at this point I was more interested in this activity, at least twice more then him.

I took interest in tweeting different post regarding this , briefing my friends about the event and asking them out what they are expecting to be in the next parcel.

The other humour part was getting clicked holding that #sniffsniff box when the parcel was being delivered from that VGA camera which the service man used, I felt like sending my pic to blogadda on my own. I mean these days people are conscious about how they look in the pic, so was with me.



I was interested about what’s going to be delivered in the next parcel, I asked the courier man that how many more parcel I am going to receive, he replied one more left.

And its then when I starting drawing inference from the above based clue, I wont lie but I  P_20150618_124000surely got an idea that this activity is something about new product being launched in the market. As I have been a part of several other activities at blogadda so drawing this inference out was easy for me.

Then come’s the final day when I received the last part of this whole #sniffsniff activity the main product of this stream. It was funny being clicked again by that VGA camera, but yes the moment I opened that box I smiled.


I simple Indian instinct when you get something for free, Yeah I got that new Nivea Deodorizer in that sniffsniff box, I was glad that Ritwik loosed interest in this, as I got something more of my use during the last shipments. I kept on teasing him that he missed to get this “India’s First Body Deodorizer”

And a day later when I saw Arjun Rampal campaigning for the same I felt like, oh yes , I am also a part of this campaign. All thanks to blogadda.

“PS I want to thank the people who called me and solved some of my problem during this activity from blogadda #mumbai, Sincere thanks to them and #twitter account of blogadda , you guys are so frequent in replying with the issues.”

I’m using my investigative skills to uncover the mystery of #sniffsniff at BlogAdda


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