11 July 2015

How Most of Indians Treats Relationship as

"Out in society there are numerous examples about the way we tackle our life and save our self from the very step which goes wrong, but yet we fail, we fail from something new out there which we missed to experience or counter."
So is with the person falling in Relationship or for the person who has just started feeling about someone or for that young kid who just don't know about the thing which is Love, yet he always smile thinking about that new girl he befriended with. 
There are instances in relationship when you just don't know how to tackle that or may be you never had encountered something of that sort.
So what's more "You will quit? You will break UP? or You will hide in the furnace waiting for some intelligent person who dated around a month to guide with his own shitty observations about relationship.

One of the biggest flaw with the start of any relationship is that we as an Indian always are dependent on different person to start up a relationship, "Half of the Indian society hypocrites just reach the guy and blackmails who is seen around the girl instead of talking to girl itself about his feelings", and other half are just seen around the common friends for doing the thing which is called #Sifarish in Hindi.

And if the stars & moons for the person is in his/her favor the next day you will starts seeing the social networking site flooded with the Romantic nonsense messages which you have read a thousand times on #messaging application and if stars & moons ditch "Then let only God save you from the bombardment of some 90's killer shayaris.

"I am not a person who thinks like love isn't about expressing, as it is, but it is only good if you can chant the essence of your relationship in the words of your own. If not then better just keep on using personal messaging client instead of social."
 The most interesting part comes when two opposite sex comes together in the name of relationship, because that is the start of exploring the word called LOVE.
People have their own definition for it they really do and I believe behind Indian thought, the major critics lies as an irony for increasing population of the country.

        "Women are not a braille that you need to touch them to know them"
But I believe you really have to look around and explore about the way people think about what relationship is in reality.
And yes I am not writing this as an opposition for males, women have an equal share in all nonsense, It was a month back when I heard  her saying that she loves that daily sex chatting talks with him, it makes her feel alive and that essence of romance trembled her all over.
I was just a third person listening to her story, which made me think about #Seriously.

 Where my relationship definition started with care, affection and love there where some contrary parts, my friends; whose definition starts & ends on the same word SEX.

And I really believe they or the person like them are the one who uploads MMS videos and other porn over the net.

And when I am talking about porn let me just say it like the bitter truth where couples take revenge by posting the videos of sex over the internet after break up, you feel like I am lying google it out.
"There are people who are still finding their essence in the relationship which they come across & there are even peoples who can be spotted in car basement parking enjoying their one day/evening/night stand." 
Think about your category.

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