12 July 2015

How we Indians Treats Tourist as ?

"One of the most funny activities which you can spot in your real life is just by visiting a tourist spot now and then"
This brings a question or may be a doubt in your mind that if I am mad that I am talking like this with you, Certainly I am not.
How often you visit places like Varanasi's Vishwanath Temple or be the observer of that undying essence of its Ghats. Well if not Varanasi count about all the tourist spot which you know on fingers, Delhi is full of them.

So once you know about the places all you need to do is just observe, observe it well & if you are trying to imagine about the cases then just imagine about something odd or something funny at these places in your perception.

Did you found something worth sharing? Interesting ?

Well I doubt you were thinking about that : P , We Indians are too laze at this.

So this post is specially related with all the North Indians out there who use to be perfect material for fun when you just try to look up to their activities, I will try not to offend any North Indians but even if I do then lets just take the fact into consideration that they just use to be a silent observer hence a part of the crime.

India being the country with diversified culture, religion, art attracts people all around the world & thus the tourism department is getting their bread & butter from all those foreigners who come from their native place to take a look to our nation.

But how we treat them?

During my last travel from Varanasi->Delhi I had serious fight with one of coolies just because he told one of the foreigner asking help wrong direction of the coach, & then they were having fun after doing this small mischief.
But these are just some of the wrong examples of "Atithi Devo Bhawa" How about some funny ones.

Whenever you see a foreigner around you can also spot people with their eyes stucked on them, stalking them as if they are alien, if not that you can easily spot some 2-3 person around him/her having fun in loud voice trying to disturb him; he really don't take a shit about that. 
Its just like that 2-3 person where humiliating themselves by doing that.

Wherever there is foreigner you can spot some cartoons every ready to entertain you with their own drama.

What if she is a girl? a hot one resembling any of the hollywood movies (P.S. All of them look alike) :P
 You can spot a lobby of guys following or staring like a bee in search of nector.

One of the interesting thing at that time is about "Getting Clicked", I personally have seen people doing........

Hey hi would you like to get clicked?
Oh yeah sure sure,
and there goes your hand behind their waist, which she ignores or don't care a damn about & for you use to be a talk about a week for social networking site. :P

What if someone ask for a help from you?, Some people don't get a word about what they are speaking and just nod and say yes to all the question which they ask with a smile on face ( wow this happened type).
While there are some who just walk in another direction when they spot a person approaching for help, say it that they are afraid of situation or may be they don't know English....anyways both are same.
I can't miss to quote about the person who genuinely help people but there is also two streams in that, one who helps and just leave, but the funny part is about one who helps and then just stick to them like a leech, talking about different shit in their god knows which language, trying to pour all the English which they know in the very moment...and then  asking them to add them on facebook, then twitter, then google+ : P

Seriously was it needed ? So if there is some one like these person reading my post, I will just ask them that there are people noticing you. and your activities. Because you really stand out : P .


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  1. It's stupid, the way most of the people in this country treat them. I went to kuala lumpur last week and din't felt a slight bit of discomfort or awkwardness there. Everyone were too kind and courteous which made my experience even better.


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