20 July 2015

I have a Dream

"Its India where people object almost about everything the next hour & if the person runs short with objection then there is one mighty thing which we call Complain/Blame."
Complain/Blame about failure, Complain/Blame about career, Complain/Blame about giving up, Complain/Blame about being lazy, Complain/Blame about not doing anything. Have you every tried questioning yourself when you start complaining/Blaming?; I believe the answer is No, "Have you ever tried objecting people with a thought?"; The answer will again be No. We as a human has a habit of reacting on situation, there are very few of people who think & act. The human lobby is full of act & think kind of people.

Its a mere fact we Indians most of the time start taking decision on the notion that "I/We don't like", they run short with explanation but the only thing which keeps a track of what we are doing is that "I/We don't like". 

Do you really feel about situation? , Do you really think before you process your thought ? , are some of the question which needs to be answered.

I have a dream is all about the fact that "Not every star shines but they do have the urge", "It is about that leaf which is turned yellow on the tree, yet it is not ready to give up, not ready to leave the branch, not ready to accept failure, not ready to fall on the ground and getting kneaded in dirt."....Its because it has some faith left on herself. 

"There are people who just think the same, there are crowd which oppose to the fact but you better know that truth is something which always find its way out."

You will be thinking that why I am trying to portray things in complex manner, may be its because someone doubted with the fact that these things happen with me in my real life? , I doubt that they do, but its just an example of having an observation skill good enough to hold thoughts, good enough to pour these mighty emotions which you see people suffering through if not in their words then in words from my pen.

"But how can I escape from the topic on which I chatter the most <<Relationship>> , How can I escape from the objection which we put on relationship, How can I escape from those blaming double quoted dialogues which hover all the day long in my mind when I get spotted."

Just when I felt like I am in love & I started believing in those cosplay tales of Romeo and Juliet, that yes it can really happen in real. I started weaving a story of dream, like any fairy-tail story I was having a girl who trusted on his prince charming. That faith which is now shaking in those values of how most Indian treat relationship as to How I wanted to treat my relationship.

I have a dream which is just about making that trust an faith come true, ever wonder how many times we say that yes I love you & I will be with you, How many time we really understand the depth of situation.
"You know yes I am in love with her and its just she who is the motivating factor for me to work hard. But when I just say it as motivating it seems so limited that you ignore it, then how about telling you in detail?
I have a dream is just about having an objective but the real story starts behind the path to earn that objective.

I never questioned her that how she wakes up at 4 am in the morning when she sleeps late, just because she has to wake me up for my work.

Neither do I question when she care for me, why will I, but what about when she care for me when she is angry, we say it just in simple words that we are in love, but to carry that depth of the feel the first what we need is just look at our self that if we can do it?, I questioned myself a lot many time for this , but never her. 

Even if I was late from work, she was sweet enough to forgive me just for the case that she had faith in me. There was nothing like objection or blame in whatever I did.

How can It be ? "

I have a dream is just about that crusade of finding love and living Love.  
He:I am willing to be with her forever?
She: I am sorry but you are not the right person for her, it we who is going to find the right person for her , who can keep her happy, who can complete her.

I have a dream is just about answering that question which she asked me when I was not there, It is just about that blame "You can't take care of her", it is just about the feelings which beats the very second when some one says "You can't be with her" . Its about just holding her hands and never letting it go.

"You know I may not be the best person who deserves her but the willing heart which beats in my chest just keeps on pumping me to work hard, to work hard that if I am going to stop some one else can be standing right in front of me & taking her."

I have a dream is just about telling that its not just she who has to accept the change and suffer its about I even. What all she will suffer will be the same for what all I suffer.

"There can never be 100 reasons in my diary for telling you why I love her, but there is always going to be one reason whenever you point any other people in front of me which I will find best in her."

Its not about lying and keeping it simple, its just about speaking all what can be.

He: I am still willing to be with her forever.
She: ______________________________.?

Dream can never be given up until you accept that it is over, for if Love is what you do then I am sure you will understand the depth in your words.
I have a dream of just silently waking up in from my dream and taking care of you in middle of sleep and just letting you sleep. For if I am unable to be with you, my numerous prayer runs out every beat, silently weaving the symbol of love with tunes fresh enough to mock your feel. But if I lie next to you then forget that scribble, forget those write up and tears, if its not today then there will be a tomorrow for care & love and cheers and hope.


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© 2015, copyright Sankalp Singh


  1. Such a heartfelt post.. Loved it :)

    1. Thanks Deeshani, Sorry I am little late with my reply back but I am glad to see your comment.

  2. Wow. Beautifully expressed. I have written a short love story on my blog too, http://themindmirror.blogspot.in

    1. Thanks Kalyani, Sorry I am little late with my reply back but I am glad to see your comment.

      Will check your blog and give you feedback as soon as possible.

  3. So beautiful, Sankalp. Hope you dream comes true, sooner than later. :)

    Best, Ragini

    1. Thanks Ragini, Sorry I am little late with my reply back but I am glad to see your comment. Lets hope for my wishes coming true. God bless you even.

      Will check your blog and give you feedback as soon as possible.


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