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Do's and Don'ts of Baby Sitting

(Recently I have discovered a new skill set of mine in my day to day life i.e. Baby sitting, I have played being nanny to my an year old niece who has tested all my skills of completing engineering from that durability to patience test.)

People say kids are the true form of God, I believe them, the only thing which they miss to add in this is that, this supreme power is a bit naive, impatient and overall too stubborn who just wish and likes to do what his/heart feels.
Well my story/reality is almost similar to this, I have been there caring for her(niece) around half a month and feel like I already know a dozens of English rhymes which saves me from her cry all the time. I feel like now I am well equipped with telling some baseless or pointless stories in one go, like 
"You know there was Jungle and in that jungle there were three lions and of that three lions....................phewww" Simple exaggeration of stupid thoughts.
But the things which is best of all is that my p…