Do's and Don'ts of Baby Sitting

(Recently I have discovered a new skill set of mine in my day to day life i.e. Baby sitting, I have played being nanny to my an year old niece who has tested all my skills of completing engineering from that durability to patience test.)

People say kids are the true form of God, I believe them, the only thing which they miss to add in this is that, this supreme power is a bit naive, impatient and overall too stubborn who just wish and likes to do what his/heart feels.

Well my story/reality is almost similar to this, I have been there caring for her(niece) around half a month and feel like I already know a dozens of English rhymes which saves me from her cry all the time. I feel like now I am well equipped with telling some baseless or pointless stories in one go, like 

"You know there was Jungle and in that jungle there were three lions and of that three lions....................phewww" Simple exaggeration of stupid thoughts.

But the things which is best of all is that my patience has been multiplied to 5x times.


You should better try feeding a child / making him/her sleep. "Nani nahi yaad aayi to naam change :P"

There is an un-explainable bonding which I have experienced in these days, that smiles which comes on her face when she is busy in doing some mischief is like so adorable that I can't explain.
P.S. She should stop when you are asking to. :P

The best moment of all the day use to be when that half an hour of #Pashyatap gets fruited with a little girl silently sleeping and dreaming about all the stuff which only GOD knows.

So here comes the list of things which you need to do while baby sitting.

1- First and for most of all the things is getting friendly with the kid, if he/she will not like you then forget that you will be able to attend him/her. So first thing first try to be friendly.

2- Learn about the way and the duration at which you have to feed him/her, you should better know what you have to feed him/her and when so that the next time when that alarm rang (he/she cry) you can at least cure the cause if its hunger.

3- Never leave the kid unattended,especially near water, heater, electrical port,and other hazards because the moment you leave them there is a high probability of them getting ended up hurting themselves. 

So the last two points are a bit important

4- You should know how to change a diaper, because these are some of the soul causes of that babies irritation sometimes. Clean the mess which he/she has created ; apply the lotion ; and then make him/her wear the diaper and tadda he/she is smiling again.

5- The most important of all is this part that you must have a clear idea about how to make a baby sleep, "This is really needed in the case where you want to rest a bit :P ". There comes the need of those knowledge of rhymes and story telling.

"Bus phir kya ab jab wo so gayi/gaya to fir aish kato"

So here comes the list of things which you need not to do while baby sitting.

1- The first & for most of all what not to do while baby sitting is don't let your focus ever stray from the child.It takes one wandering eye, private phone call or catnap for tragedy to strike. Never leave a child unsupervised.

2- If you are feeding him/her milk, you should better know that how warm it needs to be. Make sure that its not too hot and once he/she is done drinking that (PS milk is still left in bottle) place the cap on the bottle don't leave it just like that.

3- Sterilize all the utensils used for feeding a child you should avoid germs.

4- Don't loose your patience when he/she is crying you need to be equipped with different counter measure to make him/her smile again. Like "Play with them , do funny gestures and so on.

5- Even if he/she is sleeping just sit next to him/her don't leave her and wander around in home because sometimes children wake up by some bad dreams and mere tapping on head and chest makes them fall asleep again.

I know you also have tried this stuff in your life may be for once or twice , do write us your experiences in the comment box below.


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  1. Jiggyasa Srivastava18 August 2015 at 16:23

    Just to give you a compliment Sankalp. Yours is the first blog by a man, which is so nicely structured and designed. smile emoticon i loved the overall look and feel.

    1. That was so pleasant to hear, but yes on the contrary side I would like to quote that there are people in my friend list whose blogs are really well designed.