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In the closet

"Can love be complex when its in between people of different religion?"
Bounded by her emotions, She cried all loud,  This love which she felt, was being tested by the crowd.
How long can she go?, How long she can bear? Family & friends left her wishes in despair, Cried in the moment for her years-long relationship... She was being tested on grounds, that she fell in love with me.
Deep in the closet of her heart, she had that feel, What if its an end? , What if we were not meant to be?
Her closet was there full of these emotions, her heart was sinking deeper and deeper every notion
That mighty crowd was playing puppet of  this love, that religion play was adding its thrust.....
She kept gazing those falling stars with wishes of her love, She kept asking for him in her every prayer
That closet of her was now to its limits, that questions were just hovering up in the middle.
How long she could bear? , How long she could persist? that very definition of love was asking to commit.
Down in her em…