29 November 2015

The Promise

"............That lies in the undying essence of love, you and I becoming us"

Crafted with memories and with deepest desire of person's dreams, Person who is in love,Person who knows what it feels like to be in that.
What it takes to endure and What it takes to hold on to the fact that Yes you can do it. 

"Finally I ended up writing the same quote which I have been writing from so long, scribbled with imagination a part of love and some unending wishes which grabbed a hold on me whenever I use to be alone infront of  the crowd to answer for the question that 'What I have been doing throughout?'"

This is going to be another tale from the time which is bound to leave you amidst with the fact that "Love is Still Alive" in the hearts of some. And that some are really doing hard to keep it like that.


"How long are you planning to be like this Shrey?"
Most of my friends after hearing my share of love end up with question's like this.....I just wink and smile infront of them with a cloud of thoughts popping up in my mind.

May be too long.......May be a bit more then actual.......MAY BE FOREVER.

because if its love which is taking a hold on me, I am planning to proove it that its Real.
            or may be the part of the promise ---> till the end <--.

This brings me to the notice that I missed to introduce you with the reflection of who I am actually,


Shrey ended up with his college defining his share of love and finding a girl who was just fit for her, fit for the sake that she could handle him for all his mistakes and mischieves. 
The only thing which was left undefined at that time was whether it was Love or Yet another crusade of lust.

Away from being desperate for attraction, for lust ,for the word that starts with S.. he was sure that his relationship is going to be good enough in a way that he could enjoy all forms of love.
Just when he realized that his life is rolling way too fast in positive direction. Something was waiting for him at hands par.

It was way to serious for him to realise that love not only just needs an hourly chat on phone or a call for an hour or more,  or may be hanging out somewhere in the shadows with hands on the shoulders or hip, rejoicing all what comes under the naughty tag of relationship.

It needed a change....................
                                                  A change from who he actually is to the one who can take a stand of what he says. But above all, these things really needed nothing but guts.To take a stand to what you at present don't even believe is possible.

......................................And there come's a paragraph about the cinderella of this story April, Since its just me who is explaining this part, then just lemme add more charm to her fame.
She out of all being the adorable one whom I met was just too kind at heart, may be this was the part of her which lead Shrey to understand that "Love needs a lot then what is being told in movies or in the experiences from some other friends who just met up with a break up from his/her year long relatioship".

"The story started with same old drama of relationship and falls and then again that love and dwelling heart in those shadows of dream, seeing the moonlight in night and talking about different romantic stake at heart but something which was above this was the way they started dwelling into each others life as if this is it.
This is what we use to call like being for each other.....may be forever, may be not."

That may be not part was still lying in the essence of Guts which Shrey has to hold to win her over against any odds in the society,Moreover committing to the fact that he is actually in a relationship. Since being in India is not just about marrying a girl and then telling people whom we know that "Oh, yes I got married" and started showing photos of our marriage".

Out of all we carry responsibilty of the facts that there are atleast two beautiful souls in our life which needs to be informed and taken part of all the decision which we take for our life........Parents.

At times he was kiddish in his actions and at times he started learning about what all he had to do.

Shrey: "Learning and evolving in the thing called love, I started defining it in my own way" and I now believe that it's above all what we say.It's above that GUTS, it's just too pitty and a small things which I had to understand."

It was just about a decision, a stake on what I belive, a committment , a realisation....it was just about finding what I actually needed.

The sooner I found myself and convinced myself to who I am actually, it was too easy for me to talk and take a stand for you in my family.
Yes that needed a month of solitude and determination. Yes that needed a courage, but what lied on the other part of this was just the fact and that emotion of being with someone with whom I grew momentarily and slowly with time, with whom I saw this world with just not my imaginations but even of hers.

"So if it's now when someone ask that why don't you give up on this relationship in which you can't even talk with the one whom you love"

I just come up with a small reply from my side......."if its love then its not going to be that easy to get it" and if it is so easy then whats the fun of getting it.

May be I am sounding lame with this may be Shrey's charachter has hampered a lot of thoughts or may be it has pricked every nerves of your mind......but the real side of what it is, is the gradual change which Shrey has lived up in his life. Changes which were just meant to be good enough for the person who is so kind that she can deserve a little more of something. A little more of love and a little more of kind heart.................A little more of love.

And if its me who can change in himself and do it for her, then I guess its just me who can be the luckiest of all, its just me who is going to be happy.

                       "............тнaт lιeѕ ιn тнe υndyιng eѕѕence oғ love, yoυ and ι вecoмιng υѕ"



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