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How to avoid building fake Perception

Its rightly said : Whenever you don’t like someone you apply your every bit of efforts to make the other people accept what you think of him/her.You must have experienced so many time when a friend of yours ask you not to talk to the new guy/girl who joined the college because he/she thinks something bad about the person.

It's the time when people generate their perception about the other people and they want you to think exactly in the same way as they think about them.

Some people ought to have such nature they actually can’t resist you being a friend of the person whom they don’ t like . Then comes the series of fictional stories and comments from the ashes of lie to make you feel like “Yes that guy/girl is really bad”.
What I believe is that its human nature which needs to change in a person, as it always adds agitation, anger, stress in your day to day life.  “It is something else if you are really trying to do this on purpose just to enjoy that.”
But seriously why do we need to …

I am in need of you

This poem is about that moment when you just feel like he/she to be around you. When something went wrong and you are not able to undo that thing and you just want her to listen to you. I am sure you will be able to grab the idea of the poem. Enjoy Reading – Sankalp Singh

I need you to be around,
to wipe my tears and take me in your arms
To say to me that you are there with me
to hold me and never leave me
I need to see that glittery eyes,
That sweet smile on your face
to bring me back from the odds,
to give me strength to fight.
I am fallen and I need to stand up again
all I need is your healing touch and
just you by my side.
I feel those scars on my heart,
Those unending quench asking for your part,
these eyes search for you in midst and shadows

I need you to just be there with
and hold my hand and heart,
For you being my savior , For you being my heart.
These meadows are all gloomy,
They scare me at times,
and so do the fact of loosing you
from making you mine.

That little tune which you sing,
I just wan…

How long it has been?

“Hi people it has been long since I last posted, How are you all doing ? I hope you all are fine. Enjoy reading my post and keep me posted with your valuable feedback regarding them.” Sankalp Singh
How long it has been? A small story of faith.Trembled with the outcast of the surrounding and the never-ending drama of the society, a couple always try hard to stick around with each other in the best way possible. The only thing which they miss while thinking about this is that it really takes a lot courage and determination to stick with the one whom you love, because people will slap you in best way possible, not physically but mentally. The last thing which I remember was She walking away from me, her dimming shadow to everystep which she was taking away from me, and her last couplet of words “they won’t make it happen’'. Seems to me the talk of yesterday when she walked her way out from my life, She was lacking option and I determination. There are so many stories out there in real …