29 February 2016

How to avoid building fake Perception

Its rightly said : Whenever you don’t like someone you apply your every bit of efforts to make the other people accept what you think of him/her.
You must have experienced so many time when a friend of yours ask you not to talk to the new guy/girl who joined the college because he/she thinks something bad about the person.

It's the time when people generate their perception about the other people and they want you to think exactly in the same way as they think about them.

Some people ought to have such nature they actually can’t resist you being a friend of the person whom they don’ t like . Then comes the series of fictional stories and comments from the ashes of lie to make you feel like “Yes that guy/girl is really bad”.

What I believe is that its human nature which needs to change in a person, as it always adds agitation, anger, stress in your day to day life.  “It is something else if you are really trying to do this on purpose just to enjoy that.”

But seriously why do we need to do such things Perception is one thing which acts as a barrier in your life, it never allows you to explore the side of the person which you haven’t explored because you already had a lobe in front of you which restricted you from thinking something fruitful, something positive.

Toxic is the situation when people create a situation of not liking a person on their own and just want everyone to feel like that in spite of the thing that they never actually interacted in person with him/her.

Then comes the million dollar question

What should we do to avoid such situation?

1- Build a perception of your own for the person's behavior or action on the base of the factual situation but not in a judgmental manner.

2- Offer two possible interpretation of situation one can even be negative but it always gives you the benefit of doubt so you can again linger your thoughts upon this and act as you like but not as the other person want you to think.

3- Talk straight to the person and ask him to tell the truth before taking any action, it can clear the clouds of fictional stories and guide you to reach to the real culprit.

Perception checking is the great habit to ensure and avoid unnecessary conflict among yourself.

And to the people who love building fake perception about the other one and portraying to other people, first of all, GET a LIFE and secondly Please don’t spoil the image on the age group in which you fall.


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19 February 2016

I am in need of you


This poem is about that moment when you just feel like he/she to be around you. When something went wrong and you are not able to undo that thing and you just want her to listen to you. I am sure you will be able to grab the idea of the poem. Enjoy Reading – Sankalp Singh

I need you to be around,
to wipe my tears and take me in your arms
To say to me that you are there with me
to hold me and never leave me

I need to see that glittery eyes,
That sweet smile on your face
to bring me back from the odds,
to give me strength to fight.

I am fallen and I need to stand up again
all I need is your healing touch and
just you by my side.

I feel those scars on my heart,
Those unending quench asking for your part,
these eyes search for you in midst and shadows

I need you to just be there with
and hold my hand and heart,
For you being my savior , For you being my heart.

These meadows are all gloomy,
They scare me at times,
and so do the fact of loosing you
from making you mine.

That little tune which you sing,
I just want to listen that again,
For I am walking a way which has so many blames

I need your hands to held my thoughts high
baby just come close to me and say that
you are all mine.

These scars are all open again,
first break up and then this very game
all I need is a hug and that look
of your glittery eyes.

For if you are around me, I fear no one
but just the thought Of imagining a LIFE
without you in my LIFE.

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01 February 2016

How long it has been?

“Hi people it has been long since I last posted, How are you all doing ? I hope you all are fine. Enjoy reading my post and keep me posted with your valuable feedback regarding them.” Sankalp Singh

How long it has been?

A small story of faith.
Trembled with the outcast of the surrounding and the never-ending drama of the society, a couple always try hard to stick around with each other in the best way possible. The only thing which they miss while thinking about this is that it really takes a lot courage and determination to stick with the one whom you love, because people will slap you in best way possible, not physically but mentally.
The last thing which I remember was She walking away from me, her dimming shadow to everystep which she was taking away from me, and her last couplet of words “they won’t make it happen’'.
Seems to me the talk of yesterday when she walked her way out from my life, She was lacking option and I determination. There are so many stories out there in real which are waiting for its Climax , some wont even last long if they meant to happen now, some are already living with a substitute plan, dating and living their way out of sadness, some don’t even mind and they have already forgot their past as they were never into that ‘what we call LOVE to please ourself’.

Our actions defines us, and thats what I think all the time when I say that this is not the end to anything. Life still has lot to give and no damn society can hover your thoughts and mind when you have the courage to build your way out of that.

How long it has been is just about a thought, a faith which you are putting into yourself that what happens if we just stand by to our thought and what we believe that it can happen.
Ananya thats her name, a gentle kind heart who don’t even know how to scold people, her essence touched me in such a way that I almost forgot who I am, Its rightly said that Love can make you do anything possible or Impossible. It teaches the definition of relationship, which not only means spending thousands on your partner but also about thousands thoughts on how to keep up this relationship for long.

It was the time when I felt like bringing change in me and managing how to be someone of her level, I never thought about society and its peculiar way of winning a girl through different forms of religion. What mattered to me was how good as human I could be that it can touch her. That day was not far away when we started thinking about bringing a change in our life from dating to something even more.

That thought of marrying her that plans which we all made was finding its way to the vein now, I was kind of loosing to her family, moreover I was kind off loosing to the thought that you can’t make someone think like you do, unless they actually want to hear everything from you.

But is this the end? this what I am suppose to tell to people about someone whom I actually loved , that I left her in between.
My soul is not going to allow to do this, neither my mind & heart. You never let a girl so good leave you like anything………………..not just because you lack courage to make it happen.

Our parents are someone whom we love so much and likewise are for their end also, its just, it needs time for them to accept and actually something more to this is that it needs their willingness to listen to this.

How long it has been ?

Is just about building courage in every peoples heart who fell into love which they never want to give up, just go an extra mile with your thoughts and instinct, may be a little more and you can actually build a life which you will always cherish in your heart.

P.S This post is not for people who just want to enjoy their relationship in a way that they are about to find a next girl in their life to hook up with.


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