29 February 2016

How to avoid building fake Perception

Its rightly said : Whenever you don’t like someone you apply your every bit of efforts to make the other people accept what you think of him/her.
You must have experienced so many time when a friend of yours ask you not to talk to the new guy/girl who joined the college because he/she thinks something bad about the person.

It's the time when people generate their perception about the other people and they want you to think exactly in the same way as they think about them.

Some people ought to have such nature they actually can’t resist you being a friend of the person whom they don’ t like . Then comes the series of fictional stories and comments from the ashes of lie to make you feel like “Yes that guy/girl is really bad”.

What I believe is that its human nature which needs to change in a person, as it always adds agitation, anger, stress in your day to day life.  “It is something else if you are really trying to do this on purpose just to enjoy that.”

But seriously why do we need to do such things Perception is one thing which acts as a barrier in your life, it never allows you to explore the side of the person which you haven’t explored because you already had a lobe in front of you which restricted you from thinking something fruitful, something positive.

Toxic is the situation when people create a situation of not liking a person on their own and just want everyone to feel like that in spite of the thing that they never actually interacted in person with him/her.

Then comes the million dollar question

What should we do to avoid such situation?

1- Build a perception of your own for the person's behavior or action on the base of the factual situation but not in a judgmental manner.

2- Offer two possible interpretation of situation one can even be negative but it always gives you the benefit of doubt so you can again linger your thoughts upon this and act as you like but not as the other person want you to think.

3- Talk straight to the person and ask him to tell the truth before taking any action, it can clear the clouds of fictional stories and guide you to reach to the real culprit.

Perception checking is the great habit to ensure and avoid unnecessary conflict among yourself.

And to the people who love building fake perception about the other one and portraying to other people, first of all, GET a LIFE and secondly Please don’t spoil the image on the age group in which you fall.


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