06 July 2016

Suicide Problem: Is it the end or the beginning of new LIFE ?

Yesterday I got one of the sad news about my friend, I felt sorry afterwards about her

"She was so tired of living in agony and pain that she felt like this life has nothing left for her, She scribbled his name on the walls and notes, her last words were still dedicated to him, his name, his way of living his life & the way he cut all the threads with her.

She knew nothing more than just striking her name off from the livings, was it right? 

>I guess we are not the one to judge for this because we still are living with all what we can, irrespective of all the thrust which life bestow on us.
I just wish she would have been alive and I could have at least heard her share of love and helped her out of it. "

Life is one crazy thing for which we should value more than anything.

About 800000 people commit suicide worldwide every year, of these 135,000 (17%) are residents of India. India is accounted for the highest estimated number of suicides in the world in 2012, according to a WHO report one person commits suicide every 40 seconds globally.
And the worst thing to note is that India has one of the world’s highest rate of suicides among people aged between 15 years and 29 years.
Each year, between 30 and 40 people per 100,000 Indians aged between 15 and 29 kill themselves. This accounts for about a third of all suicides in the country.

Some of the causes of Suicide in India in 2013 were
Data: National Crime Record Bureau (NCRB)
A common cause or concern is the suicide, which people commit due to love affairs. In 2013 alone, 4495 suicides were attributed due to "LOVE AFFAIRS"
Many people struggle with relationships, including: being in abusive relationships, not feeling appreciated, and/or going through breakups. There are many different types of relationships that a person could struggle with. Some people may have difficulties making friends and maintaining a close group for socialization. Others may struggle with staying in abusive relationships just so that they can avoid feeling isolated and lonely.
The need for human belonging is so strong that some people are willing to join gangs and/or humiliate themselves just to be in a relationship with another person. As far as romantic relationships are concerned, the act of a break-up can trigger intense feelings of depression, anxiety, guilt and panic – leading a person to deal with a lot of emotional pain. Often times in the news we read about people committing suicide as the result of a break-up with a significant other.

You can see  in the below data that the world’s highest rate of suicides are among people aged between 15 years and 29 years.

Scroll.in                                                                                        World Health Organization 2012       

What I personally feel about it is that Suicidal thought can be tackled if you have someone with whom you can open up to, Someone who can listen out all the odds of your life and even that deep and dark side of yours without judging you for the things which you did in the past and providing you the shoulder for that time to grief as well as in the times which are yet to come so that you always feel home while talking to that certain someone.

We fall most of the time in a relationship and out here in India we have this tendency of being highly emotional to this fact. Casual dating is one thing that we Indians don't know about or even if we knew we are not always able to tackle that feeling once we fall in that casual relationship.

Suicidal behavior or feelings is the moment of action stuff when your depression eats over the state of your mind and your heart, and you don't have any place to flush those feelings out you start finding life as useless and world as full of crap and trust me depression is too heavy to tackle on your own.

"It reminds me about the time when one of my friend called me up to say her final words to me as a farewell gift and I was so afraid of that situation, In that spot of the moment I did my level best to console her and help her dump that feeling out."

If you are feeling like suicide is the only way out then just for one time, try to give a bet to your personal instinct and do these things beforehand:

  1. First thing first Promise yourself not to do anything right now :Even though you’re in a lot of pain right now, give yourself some distance between thoughts and action. Make a promise to yourself: "I will wait 24 hours and won't do anything drastic during that time." Or, wait a week.
    Thoughts and actions are two different things—your suicidal thoughts do not have to become a reality. There’s is no deadline, no one pushing you to act on these thoughts immediately. Wait. Wait and put some distance between your suicidal thoughts and suicidal action.

  2. Avoid drugs and Alcohol :Suicidal thoughts can become even stronger if you have taken drugs or alcohol. It is important to not use nonprescription drugs or alcohol when you feel hopeless or are thinking about suicide.
  3. Take a hope :Even people who feel as badly as you are feeling now manage to survive these feelings. Take hope in this. There is a very good chance that you are going to live through these feelings, no matter how much self-loathing, hopelessness, or isolation you are currently experiencing. Just give yourself the time needed and don’t try to go it alone. 
  4.  Don’t keep these suicidal feelings to yourselfMany of us have found that the first step to coping with suicidal thoughts and feelings is to share them with someone we trust. It may be a friend, a therapist, a member of the clergy, a teacher, a family doctor, a coach, or an experienced counselor at the end of a helpline. Find someone you trust and let them know how bad things are. Don’t let fear, shame, or embarrassment prevents you from seeking help. Just talking about how you got to this point in your life can release a lot of the pressure that’s building up and help you find a way to cope

What if you don't feel understood?

If you feel like the person with whom you are sharing these feelings of yours don't understand you then try changing the choice of the person and share your life with other friends. Give people a chance. Yes, I know that someone dear to you made you to end up to this feeling like this and you have started feeling like there is no one who is there for you, but trust me there are always people better than the one who broke your trust or made you feel miserable.
Try sharing your heart's content with people who can understand you and give a chance to your life, one golden chance. It will be worth it.

For people who are starting their teenage life or the one who have this thought clinched in their mind way back  or people who think they are too negative about the way life has treated them, Please find something good in your life, trust me there are more things in your life which are way better than ending your life, May be you have a blind spot to them and you are yet to explore all this out.

"For teenagers I will suggest start sharing your life with your parents, make them believe on you, make them your friends, be it your mom/dad or any of your siblings, the best thing which you get from your life is a person from your family who act as your best friend in all the moments because they will never fail and will always stand by your side in your HIGH TIMES. "

Please share this post with your friends "What if there is something fishy going on in their mind  ? " 
May be you will be the savior for their life.



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