15 October 2016

10 Facts and stories about My Crush that are too relatable


10 Facts and stories about My Crush that are too relatable

We are always fond of listening to stories which we can actually relate to our own lives. One of the most admired subject of discussion is the stories of our Crush. We try to wave that silly emotion popping up in our mind when we got to see someone that beautiful/handsome that our eyes can’t resist and our mind starts thinking with fluttering hearts about that person.
Starting from the BIG question?

Is she/he available?

To me it actually happened many times, that I feel like I have always been surrounded by love. There are somethings which I kept thinking until I bump into a certain someone who redefined my very definition of crush.
Google says CRUSH is ‘a brief but intense infatuation for someone, especially someone unattainable.’
But what if it’s the matter of your own choice that you don’t want that feeling to be a brief. Moreover, you want and wish that the feeling of infatuation turns to love. You can make that unattainable person attain.
I believe there are so many people out there who felt somewhere like this, yet I extend my sincere respect for people who have the guts, pure heart and mind to control their feelings. The feelings for that certain someone who actually is unattainable instead of creating trouble in that person’s life.
Let’s try to pour some of the crush stories which happened to me:
1-      When I was in the state of mind that I used to skip a beat after taking a glance of her. It might be too metaphorical or may be too dramatic, but I could really sense it.

2-      The moment when I spoke everything about my feelings towards her despite of knowing her feelings towards me. I did not even worry about what was the outcome of it and how will she react.
(So many people are there in this phase only thinking about whether to speak or not, trust me you need to because if not, then you always have that one thing in your heart that you never tried or never spoke about it.)
3-      When she just wanted me to tell and make me understand about what all she felt about me and how she waited every morning to get a quick look at me with the fact that it used to “make her day complete.’’ The feeling of cheer and happiness in her words and the genuine feeling of her heart did touched my heart.

4-      When she told me that she is fond of me and adores me. But, on the other hand she liked the way I treat my girl and respect her emotions. The sense of loyalty towards your partner is always appreciated.

5-      Once I tried to help a heart pounded with scars of molestation, I came across this feeling that few people are not worthy to be deserved. There are people with beautiful hearts, who can do anything to get a person whom they love even if that certain someone don’t deserve him/her.
I know a girl, who took almost a year to come out of her deep crush, I could just tell her that she was silly being in extreme love, but I respected her feelings. Later, the unexpected happened with me when she said, ‘I know it is going to be really bad to fall for you, who helped me to overcome the scariest dream of mine. Despite of knowing that you already have someone in your heart, I will take a leave from your life, thank you for everything.’
(If somehow you are reading this then I really respect you and always think about you at times, you were really nice and very sweet at heart, whom I came across in my life.)
6-      While having someone really dear to me in my life, a girl kept on saying that I wronged her by making her fall for me. I just smiled when this happened with me.

7-      I remember this all loud and clear when a girl said that she doesn’t have any problem for me double dating. She was wished me to enjoy her company and along with being my girl. Trust me, I was laughing at this moment not because I was thinking this to be as an option but for her feel of innocence and infatuation.

8-      When I took my sweet time in sharing my feelings with her and she was being involved with another guy from so long that I could not even imagine. I felt my heart pounding after that and I really feel bad while thinking about it now.

9-      When that Unattainable girl of mine denied me for almost ten times in a row making it too difficult to impress her that I was almost being out of my moves. I tried it all what I could, but she was quite stubborn with her answers.

10-  When I fell for a person whom I never saw or met face to face, but could feel all her feelings and emotions. It was almost a 90’s feeling in this era, but trust me once you start feeling, it’s not time, but moments that you keep on living the way your heart steers your life.


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  1. This is the most awaited post....and i loved it😍 you are such an awsome writer 😄

    1. Well indeed it was , for delaying I have nothing to say. Enjoy reading.


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