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Every Relationship needs the thing called ‘SPACE’

EveryRelationshipneeds the thing called‘SPACE’

Just when she thought that she finally caught pace in her love life. She was trying to neglect the fact. The fact that the idea of two bodies one soul is limited to a certain level of thoughts. When it comes to choosing the right guy for the relationship. Our conscious mind needs love, smartness, money and fun. But, the subconscious one always crib for the things called ‘SPACE’. You always need a person to turn back to when you are all lost. A person who never leaves your side.
Let’s not just fake yourself with the literal meaning of the above line. Because someday, somewhere down the line someday has to say it …….
‘Space is one thing which is equally important in a relationship as love & care’
Every blooming relationship is attractive and special. Yet, the clingy phases in one’s life like ‘SPACE’ can disturb the situations of life. Men and Women are two different creations of God with dynamic perceptions of their lives.
Generally, our li…