Every Relationship needs the thing called ‘SPACE’

Every Relationship needs the thing called ‘SPACE’

Just when she thought that she finally caught pace in her love life. She was trying to neglect the fact. The fact that the idea of two bodies one soul is limited to a certain level of thoughts. When it comes to choosing the right guy for the relationship. Our conscious mind needs love, smartness, money and fun.
But, the subconscious one always crib for the things called ‘SPACE’. You always need a person to turn back to when you are all lost. A person who never leaves your side.

Let’s not just fake yourself with the literal meaning of the above line. Because someday, somewhere down the line someday has to say it …….

‘Space is one thing which is equally important in a relationship as love & care

Every blooming relationship is attractive and special. Yet, the clingy phases in one’s life like ‘SPACE’ can disturb the situations of life. Men and Women are two different creations of God with dynamic perceptions of their lives.

Generally, our lives has its own specific goals and ways of treating the circumstances occurring in it. In every person’s life, it is their own right to prioritise Friends, Family and Love as per their way. But, there lies a thin line of understanding, ‘you are being over protective, over caring.

It all begins from schooling, career, job and marriage. A healthy relationship at each level shall govern your present and next phase of life. As discussed before, you do require smartness, love and money from your partner. But what about there clingy attitude and over protectiveness that comes along with your partner over the period of time? Have you ever thought what all impression do you create, when you cling to your partner every hour, minute and even worse each second?

No doubt, being in a relationship requires a lot of efforts to be made from both the ends. Your selection of partner will be the topic of debate, when it's about your mental satisfaction and evaluation of your life. Since, it is arguable that everyone is different from other. The expectation from your partner increases with time according to their perception of life. Its high time to highlight the crucial issues of your relationship and sort it together. The provision for SPACE is a daily need of everyone which couples need to resolve, instead of making their relationship more difficult. When we begin to know a person, it initiates from their likings. It takes years to understand what a person likes or dislikes. Yet, once you grab a hold of these things you feel like doing everything to make your partner happy.
With the changing phase of time, your priorities change. There are cases, where even your soul mate who used to text you every minute during the beginning of a relationship, fades with time. It is again arguable that this is not the fading love between you, but growing and catching up with life.

Some or the other day one amongst you will feel that your partner is not laying focus on you.  You may scream, fight and even judge their character. Have you really given a thought on yourself, if you are growing with time or not?

Urgent Help Required : (Share your views in comments)

My friend Dan needed quick suggestion on things, he never realized where he was wrong in his relationship. Care to find it out, then please leave it in comments. ;) #Peace.

  1. Dan never talks while walking on the streets with a bunch of friends as he always has a whatsapp message to reply for.
  2. One fine day, Dan & friends planned for swimming, luckily Dan just bought a water splash proof phone from Motorola.(WhatsApp ready for swimming as well ;) )
  3. Dan is so in love that he is now a too good multitasker, one hand for chatting and the other one for normal work.
  4. Dan was just happy till date he had a certain someone to be engaged with on whatsapp (girlfriend). But sad smiley for him because She left ‘Someone actually needed space’.
  5. Dan finally got hold of his life and hit the reset switch to find a new girlfriend. Only bad thing was that he just reset the girlfriend not his nature.
  6. Dan started fresh with his same old nature of sticking day and night with the girl.
    Wow, Hail Dan you are too good.
Just one question though
‘ How come she (new girlfriend) was so free ?’ Any thoughts?
Any thought on how long this relationship of Dan is going to last ?

These are just mere question which a person needs to ask them for their own behaviour, I am sure they will never commit the same mistake twice.

P.S.  Here I want to extend my personal condolences to all the relationships who have grown old with time, yet not with the behaviours the individual is treating each other in that.

Let’s not miss to stretch out due to respect to the free messaging service these days ‘WhatsApp, Messenger, WeChat and many more which has destroyed countless relationships.

As now people cannot imagine their life without them. This breaks us to the fact that those overprotective and over caring couples never give up. Texting and being in touch every second is humanly not possible. But there are people who have taken this to heart and are challenged to their own human instinct.


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  1. I think Dan need to look for a girl, who is as clingy as him..Mystery solved.

    1. Somehow I feel there is always someone made for the other, So i am sure Dan will find a girl who can entertain and actually practice the same nature as Dan.

  2. Damn awesome... I think people like Dan need to read this and get hold of themselves.

    1. I agree on this, This post was crafted just to save the relationship which is suffering from this.

  3. A true one...but may be not all the time...as there should be some sort of proportion...too much space creates differences sometimes

    1. That's the thin line which I was talking about, Of course it needs to be in the right proportion, which may vary on the kind of relationship you are in. But, trust me you need to always have this thing in your mind 'Excess of anything is bad.'

  4. Truly said....and people like Dan needs to understand the importance of "space" that you have mentioned in your post and i think its his girlfriend's duty to make him understand :)

    1. Is it so? , I seriously doubt about how a gf can make someone understand that.

      The thing called Self Realization is utmost for cases like this.

      It now just about Dan it can equivalent to April (girl) as well.

  5. Its beautiful..Space equally important as care love trust but most people don't understand this.
    A post worth reading and understanding ;)

  6. This post aptly describes the meaning of the word 'SPACE' in a relationship. Giving space does not mean partners are going apart, but the two individuals have grown mature enough to let other person 'LIVE'.
    TRUST is the necessity in every relationship which people like DAN lacks in theirs, and end up clinging to their partners thereby making their relationship a suffocating one.

    Very well Written Sankz!

    1. I missed to read this I guess, thanks for your kind word.

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