18 March 2017

Remember those good old days

So this one just for the one who are good enough to realize what this is for, try finding the idea behind this post and look forward to the right thing in your life.

Remember those good old days
When we had our life simpler
When we uttered almost anything on her face
leaving her all despair.

Those good old days,
When all we knew was her
When she fed us all throughout
and held our hands with care.

When she smiled on our foolishness
and nurtured us with all her heart,
When she poured all her love in us
to make us a person of a heart.

Tough were the times & so do the clock ticked,
Its time to leave 'Son' as visitors only have the day permit.

Who knew time would take such a roll,
She was still waiting for him to turn out to be
the person she always wished.

It was time which waits for none, 
and so the life is.
Wishing and craving for her nourishment to turn,
She took a gentle leap.

For he was busy chasing the golden goon,
Blind in his thoughts, unaware of the time.

Down goes her heart rate, loud goes the beep,
It was an adrenaline rush of love, As she saw
him after a year-long meet.

She blinked and teared for the moments, 
The moment was all what she need,
Hands held tied with same amount of care
the loud goes the next beep.

Down goes the heart rate, louder was the beep.
She pressed his hands for the last time giving her
silent farewell speech.

Please try to spend the right amount of time with your family, this is something what really matters in your life. Trust Me.


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© 2017, copyright Sankalp Singh


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