Things to do when you get bored in your Relationship

Joe has some serious issues of getting bored in any relationship which he falls in, At times he found the world in the person with whom he fell in love.

But with growing time he started behaving odd, behaving almost like irresistible in the relationship. He felt liked he shared all that he wanted to and now he had nothing to talk about.

It was not like he was not there in love, he was, but somehow with growing time he was out of the topic to discuss and complement with, he was running short with the idea to make her smile.
His mind always craved for having something new to discuss with her but somehow his day use to end with the normal daily humour of life,

What did you eat? When did you wake? How was your day? And then he chats used to be like “HMMM”.

It’s normal when you are thinking about sharing your life with the other person, you should understand that your days after that lovely year (when you understand that person) will be normal, and you will not feel excited about it. But trust me it's not like your love is fading like, in case of Joe, It’s just that you need a reboot.

To understand what makes you bored in your relationship is the first thing to counter for, it can be the case like Joe when he had nothing to talk about.

Steps which you can take to avoid such issues will for sure come handy for you:

  •      Try watching some TV-series together, it can be one of her choice and one of yours, it will for sure help you to understand each and other, and will give you multiple topics to chat upon.It can be something like you can try the kissing scenes out of the series in your real life.
  •             Look forward to something: Plan something out together, it gives a very healthy state of mind and, you get to explore the unexplored part of your partner, which you somehow missed in your previous day.
  •       Take it back to basics: You should realize what brought you closer together and have fun while discussing them, trust me you need to realize what all you did in your relationship in your starting days, else you will be that person who doesn't even remember a shit about their relationship but they are in one.

          Do something new every day: Have you ever tried planning together to do something new, learn something new together, I am sure that will help you a lot.
  •       Replicate your previous moments together: You should once in a while try to replicate your moments which are close to heart together, it can be your first date, first kiss, first sex (Oops! Sorry I guess first sex are always messy, count this out :P ).
  • ·         Don’t just sit there do stuff: The bottom line with pretty much all of these suggestions? Action, action and more action.
  • ·         Make a date night obligatory: I am sure you are not among the person who thinks that you should set obligation in your life but trust me psychologist tell that they really should be mandatory. "You should have a set weekly date night," she says. It shouldn't just be a night set aside for some TBD event, she adds: "You have two different ways you can go with this. You can sign up for something that is a mutual interest, a cooking class for example. Or, and I like this better, you get to alternate weeks where one person chooses the activity, and the other person promises to go along with it."
  • ·         Look for adrenaline: Always try and seek for something which makes both of you go an extra mile. Try finding out which you both like and would wish to do it together. I don’t suggest you try doing the thing from the image but at least find something of common interest which pumps up your heart to do it.
  • ·         If you are still running short with the idea from your own, I really have a good suggestion for you which you can try, care for downloading an app for me Happy Couple. This is one of the apps which I like the most of all the dating app out in the market. Get your partner to install this on his/her phone. How does it work?
    It gives both of you some sets of question which you got to answer from your perspective and then from his/her perspective. Trust me playing these sets of question gives you so much of topic to converse with you partner and it lets you explore the side of your partner which was yet to be explored. I am finding it myself.
  • ·         Acknowledge That Boredom Is Normal: The preceding suggestions have all been about changing things up, shaking yourself out of a daily grind, and the like. But it's also necessary to understand that boredom is totally normal in the average relationship.


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