16 April 2017

Why do you want to Uninstall Snapchat?

Yet another serious example of the sheep herd move by the Indian crowd. When most of the people act just because they see someone doing something in trend. Indian media is being wise enough to push this silly news in a way the do most of the time. Don't believe on this fact then just try searching it on google.
Trolling and making fun is okay to some extent but the way our Indian journalism work is a joke in himself. Thanks to people at #hindustantimes that they thought of this with a different angle.
People have trended this on twitter.com in no time, tags like #uninstallsnapchat #boycottSnapchat. The idea behind this is they are trying to make #snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel's suffer for the thing which he himself has not said to some crowd, but an Ex-employee Anthony Pompliano claims that he said that in the year 2015.
To all the wise people out there in India, People who are so grown enough to have a verified account on twitter, ladies & gentlemen. The app is FREE for everyone on Plays store, Does it every cross your mind why?
Oh, Sorry for that first you need to think instead of following the sheep herd method of yours. 
There are times when steps like this ridicule me to an extent that I feel you should really make use of the small brain which you have got.
And yes hail all people who were busy uninstalling #snapdeal and rating 1 star on play store. Guys, you should really grab some coffee and think about using that little thing for once. #brain.

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