26 June 2017

18 June 2017

Picture Quotes #1

At times of loss of someone dear from our family it's the other member of our family which helps us out to bear and ease out the pain of loosing someone. 
This one is a small dedication to the love for the elder sister when the writer has lost his mother.

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10 June 2017

Are you Parenting your Kid in the right way?

Before I start writing this out, I just want to set some ground rules for this post. This post is not for the people who are going to judge me on how I can say this to their loving family. I am just trying to share with you all what I feel about it, you can decide on your own whether you are doing it right or not ? . Because take away from this post will be judging yourself.

Yesterday was just a normal day like anything when I stumbled upon a viral Facebook post  Video of that Child It only took seconds for me to feel sympathetic and emotional watching the condition of the little child. The women in the video was beating that little soul like as if she was beating a lifeless object out of anger.

We have a strange way of functioning, we believe that if we are not able to explain or reason, or make our children understand then beating them will be the best resolve for making them understand for what they did wrong.

The only thing which we miss to realize about this is that our such actions traumatized the mind of the little one and adds scars on their mind and soul. Which they will forever hold throughout their life.

If someone is going to ask me the reason about that:

I will be quoting that '4' points:
  • Somehow it will end up to the point of illiteracy rate in India.
  • The simple psychological stuff about it is that we just don't know how to parent our kid, so we just try the way which seems simplest to us BRUTE FORCE.
  • We still feel like our children should opt the career which we are fascinated about not what they are good at.
  • I will narrow down the list by saying we just don't know how to accept things.
I was going through one of the post on Quora where a teenage girl posted anonymously under the Quora thread  What is the most messed up thing that your family member has ever done?
That how for years her own parents treated her like absolute scum. Without revealing her identity, the girl from Chennai talks about how she was beaten black and blue for holding her boyfriend’s hand, how her own mother called her a slut, told her to go live in a ‘whorehouse' and how they said 'from now on you will be our servant’ and spat on her face.
And there are too many such post about the abuse which children have gone through. All you need to do is just a quick search about it on Google, YouTube or any such website.
If we look down in our mind and try to understand about it, there are times when we just don't know how to manage our anger as well and end up beating people who are close, near and below us. If you feel like you have such problem you should try reading this post as well 8 things you need to try to overcome anger.

So I just want to request you all because sooner or later you will be a parent to child:
The next time when you feel like beating your kid?
Just ask yourself few questions before hand:
  • Can't you solve this mess with just making him/her understand about it ?
  • Can you find a way to be close to them again after doing this ?
  • Are you sure enough that this will not mess up with their brains and upbringing of them?
If you are sure enough that post doing what you feel like is the best way of parenting the kid in your mind #Beating, you will still be close to them.

Be my guest and enjoy living in the world which can be named as Hypothetical Shit.

Try being friends with your young one's because it really feels hard to open up with our parents sometimes because we are not brought up in such cases of upbringing.

Because all what they need if your suggestion, your wisdom but not your strength and your personal choice.

Because you mean the world to them, but they just feel like expressing it in their own way.
So as I quoted earlier take away from this post will be few question for parenting your child?
  • Are you doing it right?
  • Will you do it right?

Try sharing this content with everyone so I can reach out to wider audience with and do comment with your understand about parenting your kid?

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04 June 2017

How do we interpret things?

Human mind is full of interpretation, you can never be sure the way the other person with whom you are talking is going to take your words as.
While you were trying to express some simple stuff, the next person can be emotional on that and interpret in a way that never crossed your mind.
I am sure you must have experience this situation in many circumstances when you were willing to help the other person with your experiences and that backfired on you and you felt like stupid in that situation. Because the conversation shifted to whole lot different level that you never thought off.
So now you are basically trying to defend yourself for the stuff which you never meant!
Same happened with me few days back, when I was trying to help my friend with my experiences. Only thought which was there in my mind was that, I was worried that she will fail in exactly the same situation as I did, so I was willing to give her heads up on the situation and the way she can tackle that.
It was never about judging you but just helping you to excel.
Yeah, I do know that failure's are the best way to learn, but that should only be the option when you don't have any one to help you by your side. 
I don't blame any specific person for the way they are but its just the tricks of human mind and the way we percept and interpret things in our daily life.
Wisdom is something which you need to share with others so that they don't get stuck in the middle of their crusade. 
So next time when you try helping someone out just make sure to let him/her know why you are doing that.
Stay Safe. #Peace
''Don't forget to share your experience related to something like & Do share this with people so that they don't get caught up in the naughty game of wrong interpretation while helping others.''


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