04 June 2017

How do we interpret things?

Human mind is full of interpretation, you can never be sure the way the other person with whom you are talking is going to take your words as.
While you were trying to express some simple stuff, the next person can be emotional on that and interpret in a way that never crossed your mind.
I am sure you must have experience this situation in many circumstances when you were willing to help the other person with your experiences and that backfired on you and you felt like stupid in that situation. Because the conversation shifted to whole lot different level that you never thought off.
So now you are basically trying to defend yourself for the stuff which you never meant!
Same happened with me few days back, when I was trying to help my friend with my experiences. Only thought which was there in my mind was that, I was worried that she will fail in exactly the same situation as I did, so I was willing to give her heads up on the situation and the way she can tackle that.
It was never about judging you but just helping you to excel.
Yeah, I do know that failure's are the best way to learn, but that should only be the option when you don't have any one to help you by your side. 
I don't blame any specific person for the way they are but its just the tricks of human mind and the way we percept and interpret things in our daily life.
Wisdom is something which you need to share with others so that they don't get stuck in the middle of their crusade. 
So next time when you try helping someone out just make sure to let him/her know why you are doing that.
Stay Safe. #Peace
''Don't forget to share your experience related to something like & Do share this with people so that they don't get caught up in the naughty game of wrong interpretation while helping others.''


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