02 July 2017

How to Enable Facebook Comments Mirroring

There are many types of comment box which people use these days Google+ , Disqus Facebook, Out of which the most famous one is the Facebook comment box, which is because of the quantity of people using that social networking these days are at par.

I will try to guide you to how to enable the Facebook comment box for your website/blog-site. Also will help you setting up the latest feature of the Facebook comment box.

What is Comment Mirroring ?

Comment Mirroring allows people to participate in a single conversation, whether comments come from your webpage or from your Facebook Page. When you share a link to your website on your Facebook Page, comments from that webpage will also appear as comments on your Facebook Page post and vice-versa. This creates a richer conversation on both your Facebook Page and on your website because the comments will appear in both places.

And good thing of all this is that you will not loose your valuable feedback.

If you already have a social sharing enabled on your website then I believe you must be familiar with the creation of the developer app on Facebook. And since you are searching for how to mirror the comments so the Facebook comment box is already installed on your website.

How to Enable Comment mirroring?

Checklist which you need to confirm before trying for comment mirroring

  • You just have one developer app of Facebook linked to your website.
  • Your Comment box plugin has been installed and it is working fine.
  • Patience.

So what missing from the suggestion by Facebook to add the comment mirroring on your website is the Open Graph tags.

What is missing from Comments Plugin page are instructions for Open Graph Tags that you need inside your site’s <head>. Without it, Moderation tool will not show on your comments.

Try first copying the code as it is with only filling the Facebook App ID inside each content. 
Word of advice:
Comment mirroring works only on the new post shared by you, not to the old ones. So don't panic if you are not able to see the comments mirrored on your Facebook page.

Post Successful Implementation you website comment box will look like this, and something similar will be displayed on your Facebook page with which you have linked your website.

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