7 Steps to fight depression

Lately, you have started showing less interest in work and more in distress, Your mood swings are taking a hold of your behaviour and you are not able to understand how to handle that. You get irritated at situations which are not even worth your attention.

Guess what, You are suffering from mental health disorder which has more than 10 million cases per year in India.

Here is what Google has to say about Depression 

The persistent feeling of sadness or loss of interest that characterises major depression can lead to a range of behavioural and physical symptoms. These may include changes in sleep, appetite, energy level, concentration, daily behaviour or self-esteem. Depression can also be associated with thoughts of suicide.

With that, this is what my views are for Suicide, If you have not read the post try reading Suicide Problem: Is it the end or the beginning of new LIFE?

Ever tried searching for a way to test your depression?

With the increasing count of people suffering from depression, Google in USA has launched a feature in which if a person is going to search for 'Depression' on google. Then the search giant will give an option to the user to "check if they're clinically depressed." 

Google said the initiative was developed in partnership with the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI).

Well, it is certainly not a new feature which is launched there are n numbers of websites which offer you ways to test the depression.

There was a time when I personally tried to test from one http://testyourdepression.com/
There are set of 20 questions which you need to answer in order to check your result. At present, it may seem to you that only a sick would attempt such thing but yes, this state is all about sickness.

Here are the things which I tried to keep myself engaged and fight with the feeling of depression. Let me know if this seems helpful to you.

1) You need to get into a routine: Plan your day accordingly so that you don't find time to stroll around the feeling of distress. 

2)  You need to set your goals: Since the feeling of distress changes the way your think and you lose your self-confidence. You need to come up with the daily goals which will keep you at least a bit motivated to achieve that.

3)  You need to get enough sleep: Depression can make it hard for you to sleep but sleeping less can make your depression worse. So somehow you need to find a way to close your eyes and rest.

4)  You need to eat healthy: If you are a person like me who skips its lunch/dinner in a situation of distress then I will suggest you avoid that and eat healthy.

5) You need to challenge your negative thoughts: You fight against depression is all mental in that case you have to change the way you are thinking and approaching a problem. You have to think & rethink a particular situation in all the way possible. It will wider your thoughts reach and give you an unexplored angle to the problem which you might have not discovered.

6)  You need to believe in yourself: The best what you can do to yourself is believing in the fact that you will be able to carry yourself out from the situation in which you are in at present. If it's a fight against the mental state then all it takes is faith belief and positive attitude towards problem to get over something dreadful.

7)  You need to find something creative to do: This is certainly related to the point where you keep yourself engaged but finding something creative to do will let you engage your mind in learning something new to do & if you are able to develop interest into what you are trying then the positive state of mind is not far away from your reach.

It might sound strange but you have to work on your thoughts for having fun. You will not be able to overcome depression just by sitting and thinking all sort of things in your negative approach, you will have to fight your way out of the situation. Plan things which you loved doing even if they feel like a chore. Keep in touch with people you share your life, keep in touch with your friend, Avoid the thought of being alone. Don't let the void find a place in your heart. 

When you're depressed, you can lose the knack for enjoying life, You have to relearn how to do it.

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  1. Nice tips and methods . Though we are using modern methods of lifestyle but the cases of suicide is increasing a lot . Because we are very much alone with small family .

    1. I am glad that you liked the points which I mentioned to overcome this feeling.

      The modern lifestyle which we have adapted into or we are adapting is the one who which concentrates more on virtual friendship and sharing of thoughts then the one which was an option before. People have started restricting themselves to open up.

      So as a matter of fact lone mind and lone soul deteriorate at an
      exceptional rate.

  2. Good suggestions....it is good to know that people in india are being aware about mental health and speaking about it.

    1. Yes Of course, People are learning about it at their own pace, But this is something on which we can't turn blind eyes, I'm glad you felt this useful and it means a lot for a writer like me to put up these points. Thanks!!

  3. Our govt and the private sector is very lazy and lacks in the will power and the initiative to improve the mental health field. Very much like a mental case. They are thus not being responsible. The life style diseased patients are not complying with the prevention or treatment advised. That's why they have become a colossal burden on our national budget. They are part of the problem of patients having psychiatric issues. Preach them. Tell them few drugs and procedures for you. You shall modify your life style and prevent those costly diseases. The money saved goes to psychiatry patients.

  4. Have any of you bloggers contacted Indian Prezident prime minister ministers and the court to improve the mental health of the patients? I have done it. Because by merely advising the patient on sleep excersise diet responsibilities etc will not address the issue adequately and in a timed manner. The govt and society too are stake holders in mental health like they are over zealously so in the field of cardio, nephro, neuro, plastic, piles, ortho, ENT, diabetes. These patients do not heed the life style advises given to them despite being normal. If normal people cannot implement lifestyle changes in their life, it's far more difficult for a psychiatry patient. Because here cognition conation can be affected while in the life style disease it seemed to be not. Or else classify them into psychosomatic disorders and give them psychotropic drugs to maintain a proper lifestyle. You see they are eating like hogs, breeding like rabbits and lying down like a couch potatoes. Causing accidents due to some cognitive defect. If these people behaved well there would be adequate money to manage the psychiatry cases in a dignified manner. Now they got to hear sermons which even believers do not want to hear.

  5. Depression is a mental illness but to deal with it these tips are not enough. Taking some medications like organic depression supplements can helps to get relief from depression fastly.