27 August 2017

DeathNote Netflix Film is a Biggest Disappointment all in all (Review)

Disclaimer: I have an assumption that you have watched Deathnote Anime & Movie both.

So the much anticipated and long awaited movie of all the Anime, as well as TV-Series fan, was out on 25th August 2017. Deathnote was available on Netflix and I knew somewhere it was going to disappoint me all in all but still I wanted to give it a try.

For the People who don't know about Deathnote, Please read the next couple of lines for that.
The 108 chapters Manga written by Tsugami Ohba and Takeshi Obata was published in August 2006 which was followed by the 37 episodes anime series which came to the top chart because of its brilliant story line character setup. It was a gripping tale about morality, justice and violence for the cause of justice.

The Deathnote adaptation by Netflix failed big time. The movie was not even able to show the 20% story of what it was there in the anime.

If I had a deathnote, I would have written my name on it after watching the movie.

To all the disaster which was there in the movie, Let me try to quote some below.

Here are my thoughts on what was wrong with the movie

  1. It was seriously stupid of attempting a big chunk of the story line and compressing it into the movie of not more than 90 minutes.
  2. The character setup for Light Yagami was poles apart from what it was there in the anime. This English dude was more of a guy to show sympathy and pity, unlike the anime Light which was one of his kind.
  3. I was really shocked to see that the setup was moved to America instead of it being in Japan, Well obviously what else will you expect if it is copied by Netflix.
  4. They chopped out the story about second Kira (Misa Amane) which was played by Mia who was fascinated with what Light had been doing with the Deathnote.
    The movie character setup for Mia was like,
    Light: 'Hey Mia, guess what I got a book on which if I write a name then that person will die.
    Mia: ' Oh fuck, Is that so? That's so cool, can I also join in the killing spree.
  5. The character setup for L was another disaster, The story line actually was kind of messy. The way he showed his face to Light. Oh! Come on.
  6. What about the Death of character L? Obviously, they couldn't have accumulated that par to of the story.
  7. The only thing which I liked about the movie was that somehow they were able to copy the character of Reeyuk. But obviously, that wasn't enough to save the show.

All in all this movie was an epic failure for all the anime fans out there. If you are thinking about watching this movie then please just watch is like any other movie. Request you to don't even think that it is any way close to the anime or the anime story line.

Do justice to Anime. Watch the Anime instead of the Shitty Movie.

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