25 September 2017

He She Stories - Chapter 1

"There are some relationships which always touch your heart, may be this will turn out to be a one for you"

Out in excitement of meeting him after so long she was unable to sleep, she had so much to talk to him in person, so much to fight about. The last couple of months he missed to wish her a morning & good night almost 10 times, she was angry for that, as she waited for him all day long. She was angry that he promised to be there on her birthday yet he missed. She knew that it was difficult for him to be there, but she was thinking and acting just out of pure love, out from her heart.

Her diary was filled out with numerous scribbles about days of loneliness, about days of missing him, about all what she wanted to do with him, but it was not just another fairy tale story. Life had so much to deal with that relationship was just a tiny part of being alive. She felt about this all throughout but now she was happy, she was happy about the day that finally arrived.

She was unable to celebrate her birthday with him, she was unable to talk all loud in front of him about her relationship about her problems when she wishes to seek help from him and he was not there. 

But that day was here, "Out in excitement of meeting him after so long she was unable to sleep", and when she woke up it was already too late, the clock was ticking to 10:30, she was supposed to reach half the way to meet him by that time & here she was, shouting on herself and her stupid sleep.

She took a quick bath and got dressed up in her black color dress, she was glad that she chose that a day back, she was so confused about what to wear that yesterday she spent around 2 hours to select the best dress for this meet, in spite of her preparations which started around a week back when he confirmed that he is finally coming to see her.

She had no time to wear that liner & mascara which she bought specially for that day, That MAC Kohl which she bought in last westside sale was lying right on the top of her shelf waiting to add a beautiful touch to her eyes but she kept on looking at the watch it was half-past eleven already. She grabbed her phone real quick to inform him that she was late but there was already one message waiting to be read

"He: Hey Sweety, Goodmorning I will be reaching there in half an hour, can't wait to see you. Love you." 

She took her purse and filled all that she needed to satisfy her about that fact "that she is looking beautiful", her lipstick, her mascara, her liner, Kohl, that gift box which she prepared for him from so long. Her small diary which had so many stories to be told. 

And finally her phone

"She: Hi, Goodmorning, I am so sorry, so wala sorry, I was so excited about today and here I am already late, Leaving Now, Love you too."

She wanted to reach real quick so she booked up an auto in reserve and asked the driver to take the shortest route to reach there. Her heart started pumping fast out of excitement, it was something more than excitement, it was some sort of a different form of love. She was going to meet him after three months and for a girl who used to meet every day with his guy, it was more than enough to ask.

Soon she started thinking about her last meet, the time when she had that fight over old issues in her last hour of that date. She thought that she will not waste her time on a fight in this one. She started missing her last hug, her last kiss which they shared and how they shared. It was weird but she loved that &  she thought about once in a while
And in the middle of reliving all these memories, she finally reached that place, she started feeling low, her eyes were already wet.

Memories, you say..............she was just living in memories and she was going to complain about that to him. He left her alone at times when she was unable to help herself and for sometimes she herself doesn't know about "what was happening to her".

There he was sitting on one of the corner seats of the cafe, waiting to see her after so long.

She took a leap and rushed into the washroom to get dressed, washed her face; her eyes seemed wet she put on her liner & mascara and embraced herself with kohl to appeal. She felt confident that way and she liked doing that.

"A gentle way from a distant for that 3 months with a whisper of Hello, He rose up from his chair, and winked with a smile, it was definite she was happy. He took her in his arms and whispered: "Where was your phone, I texted and called many times, it has been half an hour on this seat."

She smiled and ended up with a sorry.  She looked adorable like that whispering silently in his ears with her apologies hugging tightly like this very time was the last. He loved it like this. She tried to kiss him on his head but she missed, he leant back from that hug unknowingly but that touched her. They seemed to be a small thing but they had their importance for her.

He: Smiled and asked her to sit;

A bouquet of red colour roses was lying on the table with a small box covered in light blue colour and tied with a ribbon, he was trying to make for not being present for her birthday.

She: I am so happy to see you, you know I missed you so much, every night when you missed calling me I just kept on gazing that light of moon peeping in my window and about some memories of past.
You know I have even brought that diary so that you can read about all those times when I missed you so much.

I always have some expectation in this love which we share and it's my love which keeps on increasing this expectation from the relationship which we share.

He stopped me in the middle of my chatter and said that he knows about all, he knew about everything which I felt during that time, He was just busy with his office work. Was it?

He: I know about all that, It's just I got engaged, but you know what, I always think about you in whatever I do, Wherever I go, you just mock me all the time with memories.
Remember that shirt which you gave me for my last birthday which we celebrated together, I always wore that during my important meetings.

She: I will not fight and that's what I thought on my way, I wanted this date to be memorable.
He: Hey, are you crying?

There were tears in her eyes and soon as he noticed and asked her the very moments two drops of tear dropped of to her cheek, fading her confidence and that Kohl which she put on a few minutes back.

 She was touched and she felt happy to be with him, & "Tears are one of the purest things to speak the content of heart. She said"

"He sounded equally happy as her, it's just that sometimes distance relationship doesn't give the equal opportunity to interact, you have to create that time for things."

They kept on chatting about three months of life alone at different places filling up all the holes in the stories and knitted up new stories and memories to miss until their next meet.

He took her in arms again and gave a tight hug while leaving, her hands slipped from him again in the moment of time and here comes again the time when she had to count the days and miss him and gaze those stars and moon outside the window missing him.

And he has to just look at her different pictures to fill his heart up until next meet.

He: Until Next
She: Until Next

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20 September 2017

10 Anime Series you should watch

Before starting with my anime list, I would like to spend some time in differentiating in between Anime & Cartoons. There are people around who think anything which comes in the animated format is a cartoon but I personally have some other opinion on this point.

Anime is different from a standard western cartoon, they have complicated stories which can match up to any western TV series, they have excellent character build up, their storyline at the core are fit for an adult.

Anime is adapted from Japanese comics which are called as Manga.

So basically Cartoons are 'Kid' Stuff but anime are not.

Below are the 10 anime series which you should watch in your lifetime. This compilation is completely based on what I personally like about it and includes anime which have small arc i.e. fewer episodes for starters.
I will be adding a small description about the series as well in case you want to take a look at that.

1) Deathnote: It's a compelling story of a High school kid Light Yagami who discovers a supernatural notebook from a Shinigami (Soul Reaper) that grants its user the ability to kill anyone by writing their name on it. This has in total of 37 episodes and is a must watch series if you are a fan of watching detective TV series of the west. 

2) Code Geass: The Holy Empire of Britannia conquered the country known as Japan and now call it Area 11. Its residents lost their rights to self-govern and are now called Elevens. The Empire uses powerfully destructive robotic weapons called Knightmares to ensure control, but someone is about to stand up against it. Lelouch, the black prince, has endless ambition and uses the power of the Geass to build a world based on his ideals. Suzaku Kururugi, the white knight, aspires to justice and strives to live an honest and fair life. This series has two seasons in it which really holds you up when you start watching it.

3) Sword Art Online (SOA): Sword Art Online is a Japanese light novel series written by Reki Kawahara and illustrated by abec. The series takes place in the near future and focuses on various virtual reality MMORPG worlds. This is one of the old series but the concept of series on virtual games started from this only. This has in total of 20 episodes and you will enjoy watching this.

4) Guilty Crown: The story revolves around Shu Ouma, a high school boy who inadvertently obtains an ability called "Power of the King" that enables him to draw out items called "Voids" from other people. He is then thrown into the conflict between a quasi-governmental organization known as the GHQ and a resistance organization called Funeral Parlor which aims to restore Japan's independence from the GHQ. In the process, Shu has to deal with the burden his ability puts on his shoulders and the horrific mystery of his past. The series incorporates elements of numerous genres, mostly drawing from science fantasy. This has 22 Episodes in total.

5) Twin Start Exorcist: If you are in a mood to watch a perfect anime which has action and love sequence in a perfect blend that this is the one which you need to watch.

 Rokuro Enmado is a young boy who used to be a powerful aspiring exorcist before a tragic incident left his friends dead and made him abandon the profession. One day, he has a fateful encounter with Benio Adashino, a girl around his age and a well-known exorcist from the east. According to prophecy, Rokuro and Benio are the "Twin Star Exorcists", and are destined to marry and have a child known as the Miko, which will be the ultimate exorcist, capable of cleansing all evil spirits, or Kegare, from the world and ending the war that has lasted over a millennium.

6) One punch man: This is one anime which I started watching just like that but when I did I couldn't stop myself completing that in one go. One-Punch Man tells the story of Saitama, an extremely overpowered superhero, who has grown bored by the absence of challenge in his fight against evil and seeks to find a worthy opponent.It has 14 episodes in season one and the second season is going to be launched very soon.

7) Quanzhi Gao Shao( The king's avatar): It is one of the latest anime launches in 2017 and I really loved the concept of making a anime on the RPG gaming.
It is Widely regarded as a trailblazer and top-tier professional player in the online multiplayer game Glory, Ye Xiu is dubbed the "Battle God" for his skills and contributions to the game over the years. However, when forced to retire from the team and to leave his gaming career behind, he finds work at a nearby internet café. There, when Glory launches its tenth server, he throws himself into the game once more using a new character named "Lord Grim."

8) Full Metal Alchemist: The world of Fullmetal Alchemist is styled after the European Industrial Revolution. Set in a fictional universe in which alchemy is one of the most advanced scientific techniques, the story follows two alchemist brothers named Edward and Alphonse Elric, who are searching for the philosopher's stone to restore their bodies after a failed attempt to bring their mother back to life using alchemy.

There are two series for this particular anime and trust me you will enjoy watching both the series.

9) Attack on Titans: This one is another compelling story in anime which is good enough to mind-fuck you.
It is set in a world where humanity lives in cities surrounded by enormous walls; a defence against the Titans, gigantic humanoids that eat humans seemingly without reason. The story initially centres on Eren Yeager and his childhood friends Mikasa Ackerman and Armin Arlert, who join the military to fight the Titans after their hometown is invaded and Eren's mother is eaten. However, as the story progresses and the truth about the Titans are slowly revealed to the reader, the narrative shifts to encompass Historia Reiss, squad leader Levi, Eren's father Grisha, and other supporting characters.

10)  Suzuka: The is honourable mention because I personally enjoyed watching this cute love series. I rarely watch an anime series on romance but this one was one beautiful story.

Yamato Akitsuki travels to Tokyo alone to study in one of the high schools located within the area. He lives in with his aunt who operates a public bath solely for the ladies in the local district and begins his normal high-school life. One day, he chances upon a girl in school and is immediately mesmerized by her beauty. He is shocked when he realizes later that the girl, Suzuka, is actually living next door to him. From then on, Yamato's ordinary life begins to change little by little.

Drop your comments about the series which you have already watched. I am looking forward to you to share some names for other awesome small series of anime which I have not mentioned above. I will be happy to watch them.

Note: The synopsis for the anime is taken from wikipedia.com and myanimelist.net. Images of the anime series are googled I don't hold any copyright to that.


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14 September 2017

Few things left Unsaid

How unexpected it can turn to break up from a relationship of the time which can really unite you in one. In spite of being loyal and desperate enough to hold the relationship and push the wheel of the cart a little longer till it can be tied in the rituals of marriage, there are several relationships which break right at the point when the couple needs the most of care and concern for each other. Same was the case with 23-year-old Neiya Malhotra and Saed Khan.

Teenage love never looks at the fate or destiny of anything all it cares for is just that infatuation which he finds in the counterpart. Saed never knew that the step which he was taking was going to be a matter of concern for society, later on, all he was thinking was that smile which he gets on his face when he thought about Neiya.

Like any teenage boy he was just there with a part of his infatuation and those 3 simple words  "I love you" for proposal , he thought that it would be enough, enough to impress her, guided by his friends at school and those daily chants of  'I love you Kiran' from old Bollywood movies, love for that eighteen-year-old boy was spending time with girl whom he can tag as girlfriend and show of people about the thing called Relationship.

For the part he was not clear about love; there were his friends who constantly boosted his morale describing all that they knew about love to him.

But every time when he starts expressing that he loves her, she was there with her firm reply NO, as if she was neglecting all that he was thinking or was knowing well enough that it was not his feelings which he is expressing.

That teenage struck was innocence which later shaped into a relationship which was destined to fail. And then that happened which changed his definition of care, concern and love for him.

Neiya on contrary was just a sweet little kid running out of innocence in the world which was cruel enough to torment her till the end. She being unknown with the fact and the level to which a boy can retaliate was firm enough to fight on any odds or things which she was unable to accept it from the heart. Call her innocence or that pure urge of having everything intact in her knowledge.

Their time started right after the point when Saed was able to find his own definition of love when he was able to find the difference in between lust, infatuation, desire and that urge to be with someone.
It was then when he was able to speak a little more than "I love you" to a girl with whom he wanted to be with. The day finally came when those two were there in a relationship after his undying attempts and desire it was then when they started weaving a quest of love.


Saed: It been 5 years since then and I smile thinking about that we started dating at such a small age. During the time when I was with her, I finally realized that Love that small little word has a lot more things hidden in those four letters. It has that sense of care to withstand cold and offer her your coat when she is feeling cold, It has that sense of uneasiness and curiosity to help when she is worried about anything. It has the strength to motivate the person to do right things with her life. It was easy withstanding toughest of time knowing that you have certain someone to turn back to and cry like a baby if something went wrong. There will not be any one to judge you about that. That feeling of assurance was just beautiful to feel.

Above all Love has the motivation to do good with your life so that you can take care of her, who is going to be dependent on you. That was love for Saed after all this time.

It was high time they doubted that I really cared about the relationship in which I was, My friends, My family everyone at this point was like I can't be serious, How I can be at this age?
It was then when I thought that my definition of Relationship and Love needed one more thing to clear, It needed a sense of greater responsibility which could be earned by having a Job I started working for that and helped Neiya in doing the same for her.

In these 5 years, we grew not only with the age but also with the sense of responsibility, care, affection and Respect for each other. We were planning for something of greater good, for a life of respect and concern for each other, together. Knowing that destiny has to play a vital role in this and so do the society but that little thing which knocked a million times in our body kept us going with that thought that it is going to be "Betrayal for the thing which you say Love to quit in the middle, instead of trying."


Being the literate citizen of the society trying never meant like to be violent, as he knew that things can be won by a pure heart, love and respect. So he tried talking to his family about the thing that he has fallen in love with a girl of different religion and he doesn't want to carry the guilt of leaving her in the middle and want to continue with her until the end.
It took almost months for him to counter people and let them understand his situation and love for Neiya and just when he thought that he could finally think forward of earning much more for his life and put the ball in her court for a decision that happened. (Break-Up)

Or rather a forced Break-Up when she was caught in her family for being in a relationship with a guy and that to Muslim, Indian's carry a fact that we are so much divided by religion that we falter even in imagining the depth and bonding which love can create. While God being One and so his preaching "Allah never doubted in his children", "He never knew that it will be his creations surname which will drive the feelings as a human." While the purity of feelings was thrashed by the norms of society.

Saed and Neiya were finding hope and wishing that "they don't have to write the last chapter of their relationship", not like this.


She was grounded from her Job and the life which she cherished the most and he was shattered in the middle of the responsibility which he was so much willing to take. Life was playing its own wild tunes and they were helpless in their own way.

Disrespect never being the option as the family was the first thing which they cared the most, Saed was unable to find the option of doing this all he was able to do was just sit back with her mother and cry and cry for the things which he was forced to do in the middle. While she(mother) being the support for him at odd times like this he was even afraid to think about "How was Neiya?"

Restless, hopeless or Crying endlessly because for that 5 years they sat just next to each other virtually building each others strength and crying at odd hours for the shortcomings; They almost missed to build that kind of bond of friendship with people so that they can share their thoughts. All Saed could imagine was she being lonely in the crowd and he being unable to do the slightest of help and just sit back and wait because family are the first thing which they crave.

Neiya: Sorry but I think this is the end for us, maybe next time I am gonna take birth in your religion or you in mine. Maybe we will again fall in love with each other, Maybe we will feel the same depth. As it is said that true feelings stick forever, Maybe this forever is going to be until next birth. Take care of you #Love.
Don't hold yourself responsible for anything because its US not you alone who fell in love.

Saed: Maybe, I cry sitting beside mother and talk my heart out thinking that she will understand and she did right at the point when she felt the heart of her crying child and spoke, "Stick with her".

His first lady of life was there as her support and the second lady with whom he wanted to build her future was grounded miles apart pushing her cart in a different option of marriage for her family felt that she is a gone case now. Who should tell them "How much she respects and care about her parents ".

Maybe there are things left Unsaid but that care remains Intact, maybe I am going to offend people who fall in love with other religion and don't have a likewise thought, or maybe I am going to affect that genre of crowd who feels love is something in which you have to do everything possible to get her.

I doubt because we love & respect each other equally as we do to our family.

Maybe next Birth
Maybe Same religion.

Because every love story has a beautiful message to say, That Five years brought a serious change in their life and me as a writer of this story just felt that their heart was strong enough to continue loving each other even more with the growing time. Either a Muslim or a Hindu who we are ?, a simple child of God.

Saed: Stay Strong, Stay focused, do something good with your life earn respect fame and success which you always endeavoured and I will try to do same for myself.

Love (i)s still a small (w)ord to say however(i)t carries so much depth at heart, (l)ove is eterna(l)(W)ill (a)lways be (i)n your memories (t)ogether & forever.

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10 September 2017


(Not a typical kind of poem but just an attempt to portray the emotions of a guy who worked so hard professionally that he missed realising what he is losing from his personal life. Strange thought but yes it is really hard to realize the importance of things which are there in our life. There are times we start craving for something when they are not around. At that time you can only feel sorry about your situation and miss the person/thing you are craving for. ) 

May be

May be its time for me to run from the days of my past
May be it's time to forget all that I have lost.

I have  spent enough of my days mourning for the reason you left
and moved on.

May be it's time to leave your glimpse aside and
settle with your thoughts.

Remembers those strange couplets of words which I weaved
Remember the way you cried on our first meet.

It was easy to charm you then but now
May be it's just the stupid thought but yes you are not around.

I wish to bring back that time, 
I wish to make everything alright.

May be it's too late for that,
I wish I could have realized this sooner

May be I would have made this relationship work
the same way I work day & night.

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03 September 2017

Me ( A poem for Feelings trapped within us)

(A small poem in context to the feelings of your potential trapped inside your heart & mind.)

'Me' trapped within me

Feeling burdened with dreams of mine
I find myself trapped within me

Looking at the sky so wide
I feel I am trapped in a place so confined

These walls often try to crush my identity from inside.

Will I ever get away with this feeling of mine?
When a sudden turn will take away the pain of my life?

Is this a false hope that keeps me going?
Or the Almighty is testing me for the paths of glory?

A deep breath slowly wakes me up to watch the new sunrise,
With promises to see the setting sun with glory by my side.

These Unsaid words & These wet eyes make 
me strong to wait for that time

I still feel 'Me' trapped within me
Trying to Fight her way outside.

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