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He She Stories - Chapter 1

"There are some relationships which always touch your heart, may be this will turn out to be a one for you"
Out in excitement of meeting him after so long she was unable to sleep, she had so much to talk to him in person, so much to fight about. The last couple of months he missed to wish her a morning & good night almost 10 times, she was angry for that, as she waited for him all day long. She was angry that he promised to be there on her birthday yet he missed. She knew that it was difficult for him to be there, but she was thinking and acting just out of pure love, out from her heart.
Her diary was filled out with numerous scribbles about days of loneliness, about days of missing him, about all what she wanted to do with him, but it was not just another fairy tale story. Life had so much to deal with that relationship was just a tiny part of being alive. She felt about this all throughout but now she was happy, she was happy about the day that finally arrived.
She w…

10 Anime Series you should watch

Before starting with my anime list, I would like to spend some time in differentiating in between Anime & Cartoons. There are people around who think anything which comes in the animated format is a cartoon but I personally have some other opinion on this point.
Anime is different from a standard western cartoon, they have complicated stories which can match up to any western TV series, they have excellent character build up, their storyline at the core are fit for an adult.
Anime is adapted from Japanese comics which are called as Manga.
So basically Cartoons are 'Kid' Stuff but anime are not.
Below are the 10 anime series which you should watch in your lifetime. This compilation is completely based on what I personally like about it and includes anime which have small arc i.e. fewer episodes for starters. I will be adding a small description about the series as well in case you want to take a look at that.
1) Deathnote: It's a compelling story of a High school kid Ligh…

Few things left Unsaid

How unexpected it can turn to break up from a relationship of the time which can really unite you in one. In spite of being loyal and desperate enough to hold the relationship and push the wheel of the cart a little longer till it can be tied in the rituals of marriage, there are several relationships which break right at the point when the couple needs the most of care and concern for each other. Same was the case with 23-year-old Neiya Malhotra and Saed Khan.
Teenage love never looks at the fate or destiny of anything all it cares for is just that infatuation which he finds in the counterpart. Saed never knew that the step which he was taking was going to be a matter of concern for society, later on, all he was thinking was that smile which he gets on his face when he thought about Neiya.
Like any teenage boy he was just there with a part of his infatuation and those 3 simple words  "I love you" for proposal , he thought that it would be enough, enough to impress her, gui…


(Not a typical kind of poem but just an attempt to portray the emotions of a guy who worked so hard professionally that he missed realising what he is losing from his personal life. Strange thought but yes it is really hard to realize the importance of things which are there in our life. There are times we start craving for something when they are not around. At that time you can only feel sorry about your situation and miss the person/thing you are craving for. ) 
May be
May be its time for me to run from the days of my past May be it's time to forget all that I have lost.
I have  spent enough of my days mourning for the reason you left and moved on.
May be it's time to leave your glimpse aside and settle with your thoughts.
Remembers those strange couplets of words which I weaved Remember the way you cried on our first meet.
It was easy to charm you then but now May be it's just the stupid thought but yes you are not around.

I wish to bring back that time,  I wish to ma…

Me ( A poem for Feelings trapped within us)

(A small poem in context to the feelings of your potential trapped inside your heart & mind.)
'Me' trapped within me
Feeling burdened with dreams of mine I find myself trapped within me
Looking at the sky so wide I feel I am trapped in a place so confined
These walls often try to crush my identity from inside.
Will I ever get away with this feeling of mine? When a sudden turn will take away the pain of my life?
Is this a false hope that keeps me going? Or the Almighty is testing me for the paths of glory?
A deep breath slowly wakes me up to watch the new sunrise, With promises to see the setting sun with glory by my side.
These Unsaid words & These wet eyes make  me strong to wait for that time
I still feel 'Me' trapped within me Trying to Fight her way outside.

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